Former Sean Cody Star Jake Burton Turns Fitness Coach

Jake Burton

Career transitions

We’re all about promoting fitness at GPB – that’s why we were stoked to hear former Sean Cody adult film star, Jake Burton (aka: Stu), has decided to become a personal trainer!

This is not uncommon for men who were formerly involved in adult p*orn. In fact, there are a number of actors who have done this, including yummy Aaron Guy (formerly Matt Cole).

According to Jake’s Facebook page, he’s offering the following services:

  • Online training
  • Muscle building services
  • Weight loss services
  • Help with preparing for contests
  • Coaching and general fitness training

Many within Gaydom are familiar with Jake. He made news several years ago after a body building competition where stunning photos came out and were shared on ST8UPGAYP*RN.

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We’re going to provide a link to their story at the end of this article so you can check out yourself. Bear in mind you’ll be transported via NSFW.

GPB spoke to an adult industry representative about male adult film stars who become trainers. On the condition of anonymity, he shared the following.

“It’s refreshing to see guys like Jake, Aaron and others who pivot from adult entertainment into fitness coaching. So many guys aren’t sure what to do after their time in the sun fades.”

He then added.

“When you think about it – who better than to offer training than someone who people admired for their physiques? A lot of these guys know all too well what it takes to maintain a sculpted body. The key for guys making this transition is to figure out the self-marketing piece.

Remember, when they were in film, a marketing team did this. Once they leave and start their own businesses, they have to learn how to self-promote and re-brand ”

We certainly agree. As a sex positive blog, GPB supports actors who do the hard work of making the switch from camera time to other life areas.

Now we’re not going to lie. We would totally be up for some muscle worship with Jake! We wish it were on his advertisements!

If you want to see more of Jake, you easily find his photographs online – including many in his birthday suit.