We Have a Wicked Crush on Jesse Metcalfe + 10 Facts

Jesse Metcalfe

Jesse Metcalfe – OMG we have it BAD for you!

Every once in awhile. we go crazy (for no particular reason) over a random guy. After looking at Jessee Metcalfe’s Instagram account, he reminded us about our long, sick crush on him! In fact, we’ve been crushing on Jesse for as long as we can remember.

Just to give you an idea, we even wrote a ridiculous fantasy about him in a Hallmark movie he starred in a few years ago. And not to be left out, we made sure we included his studly buddy, Josh Henderson in the fun!

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What follows are 10 random facts about Jesse Metcalfe you might not know. Included are several photos from his Instagram account. Hey, we need some kind of eye candy to go with the information, right?

Let’s jump right in!

1) He’s Athletic

The first thing you must know about Jesse Metcalfe is that he is committed to his body. The guy not only works out religiously, but he’s also in love with playing and watching sports.

He makes sure to vary his workouts by not only running and weight lifting, but also doing yoga and martial arts. Then Jesse also enjoys athletic hobbies such as playing basketball, golf, and riding his motorcycle.

It doesn’t stop there however as Jesse likes to watch sports just as much as he likes to play in them. Some of his favorite teams are the Knicks, the Patriots, and the Yankees.

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A man and his #Sheppy! #doglover

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2) He’s Charitable

It’s also important to realize that Metcalfe also is caring and likes to merge his passions with giving back. Because of that, he participates in events like celebrity basketball games for the Hollywood Knights. By doing this he gets to play the sport that he loves and also raise money for charity.

3) He’s An Art Enthusiast

But just because he’s got the body of jock (and the light sprinkling of hair that could turn him into a wolf or an otter) doesn’t mean that Jesse Metcalfe doesn’t have his softer side.

In fact, Jesse is very artistic. First, he’s incredibly musical and likes to play the guitar, piano, and sing when he has free time. Then on top of that he also likes to dabble in sculpting.

His love of art doesn’t stop there however. In fact, Jesse is so into art that he’ll pay a hefty price for original artwork. He once told Access Hollywood that he has an Andy Warhold piece, and he bought a Juan Medina piece that once hung in the Louvre.

4) Has A Diverse Background

Metcalfe can also gloat that he’s of multiple ethnicities. His father, Scott Metcalfe, is French and Italian, while his mother, Nancy DeMaio, is Italian and Portuguese.

This led to Jesse being able to understand portions of each of the languages (English, Italian, French, and Portuguese).

5) Hustled To The Top

You’d think that with all the time he devotes to athletics are the arts Jesse Metcalfe wouldn’t have time for working. But, it seems that he’s put the most work into his career.

Before he made his big break as the teenage yardman that lead Eva Longoria’s character to commit an adulterous affair, Metcalfe acted for four years in the soap opera Passions.

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Before that even, Jesses was an acting student at NYU’s famous Tisch School of the Arts. As if his studies weren’t hard enough however Jesse was also modeling for print and commercial on the side. He’d even go so far as going to Europe to do some work.

Then, Jesse dropped out of school to focus on his career, got onto Passions, and started down the walk of fame.

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#SubwaySelfies Ha! Missin' my #highandtight.

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6) He Loves Westerns

Metcalfe is a self-proclaimed cinephile. The guy can’t help loving movies. His movie genre of preference however is something that’s gone down in popularity in the past few decades. The western.

That said, there’s hope for the genre yet as shows and movies like Westworld are helping to bring the genre back. Now we just have to wonder when we’ll next see Metcalfe in a Western role.

We’re sure he’s thinking the same thing. For the record, the picture of him above in his jean jacket totally makes him a yummed out lumbersexual stud!

7) Let Me Go Video

In addition to Jesse’s love of music, he featured in the music video for Three Doors Down’s “Let Me Go.”


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Tulum Vibes! // @Esquire_la // Photo by @johnrussophoto

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8) He Lives in Dallas and LA

While Jesse’s privacy is always a priority, it’s also fun to know that he has two houses in two different cities. He splits his time living between Dallas and LA. (Though since his LA home has all his expensive artwork it’s a sure bet he lives there the most).

9) He’s Engaged

While he’s been named one of People’s hottest bachelors, it seems that he may not want to live out that title for much longer. Jesse’s Instagram is riddled with shots of him and his longtime girlfriend Cara Santana. Then, just last year it came out that the two had gotten engaged.

So sorry to say ladies and gentleman alike, this guys off the market.

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Staring down Monday like, "what?!"👀

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10) Dreams For The Future

As Jesses Metcalfe keeps walking along in his career and life, he’s also thinking about where he wants to go next. On top of that, he still has dreams of directing one day. A dream that he had ever since he was a kid and saw The Breakfast Club for the first time.

So here’s to you Jesse Metcalfe, we hope you keep on being a great guy with a great body and that you one day reach your goals.

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