Baseball Player Josh Reddick Got Soaked In Champagne While Wearing Only Underwear

Josh Reddick Got Soaked

We have even more athletes in their underwear stories for you.

While the last story we shared involved an athlete taking his pants off back in June, this one happened just recently (and he’s wet to boot).

Its common tradition in multiple sports to soak an athlete down after a big game. This a tradition many lovers of the male form (gays, women, or whatever else) love about sports. And there are many different variations of that tradition. Football players throw big containers of sports drink or water, soccer players splash each other with water, and it seems baseball players throw around shaken up champagne.

The baseball team that we’re talking about in this event are the Houston Astros. The Astros were in the locker room at Fenway Park celebrating a win against the Boston Red Sox when things got a little crazy.

Right fielder Joshua Reddick got out of his clothes and stripped down to his bare essentials, namely a pair of American flag briefs.

But the story doesn’t stop just there, the rest of the team then decided to give Reddick a dousing of champagne as they all shook up tons of bottles and let them rip all over the room. (The poor cleaning staff).

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As much as we love talking about hot guys getting nearly nude in public, we do have to point out the interesting question people were bringing up on Twitter in response to these videos.

While many people are arguing about whether footballers should be allowed to take a knee in front of the flag and saying its an offense to the flag and the country, many have no problem with Reddick putting the flag’s design all over his private parts.

Some have brought up that it’s part of the US’s code to not make a flag into a piece of clothing and question if Reddick’s choice in underwear violates that code.

Our question is, does that code only apply to actual flags? Does it mean that someone can’t make clothing out of a flag’s fabric and not that you can make a shirt or underwear with the American flag’s design? Once we know the answer to that, we can call it offensive or not.

What do you think? Is it offensive? Is it not? Or, would you rather just watch the wet athlete jump up and down?