Keanu Reeves Gay Rumors Ignite With Reported Trans Girlfriend!

keanu reeves gay bi rumors

Keanu Reeves Gay Rumors Explode

Keanu Reeves gay rumors have started to ignite again because of an alleged romantic relationship with transgender actress, Jamie Clayton. In the August 3 edition of The Star Magazine, a story appeared that suggests Reeves is dating the 37-year old Sensate 8 star.

So what’s the story?

According to an unnamed source quoted in the Star, “They’re definitely smitten” [with one another]. Apparently, the two were seen getting rather cozy over dinner at the Chateau Marmont; an upscale restaurant located in West Hollywood.

The Star even ends the piece with the following: “Sounds like this romance is off to a speedy start!”

As the story goes, Keanu and Jamie became close with one another during filming of the movie, The Neon Demon in Europe. For those who want to know, this film is about the dark side of modeling.

Keanu Kissing Jamie?

There’s even a video on YouTube that shows someone who looks like Keanu Reeves and Jamie Clayton at the restaurant. While it is hard to be sure, you definitely see two people who appear to resemble Reeves and Clayton kissing on one another.

We’ve posted the video from Pop Candies TV below. It’s up to you to decide!

Keanu Reeves Gay/Bi?

What’s interesting about this latest bit of chit-chat is how much it contributes to long standing speculation that feeds into a Keanu Reeves gay/bi narrative. As many followers of the actor know, Reeves played the role of Scott Favor in the heavy gay vibe movie, My Own Private Idaho in 1991.

Anytime a male celeb appears in these kinds of films, pink whispers are sure to follow (See our top 10 reasons why gay rumors start in the first place post).

Hooking Up with Transgendered Actresses

Here at the blog, we would like to remind readers that in the past, other stars have allegedly had romantic connections with transgender actresses, igniting a fury of gay rumors.

An example can be found in one Mr. Jared Leto – the sexy celeb who won an Oscar for his transgender role as Ray in the movie, Dallas Buyers Club. Leto allegedly hooked up with well-known transgendered actress, Alexis Arquette. In fact, Arquette even went into massive detail at the time about Leto’s privates!

jamie clayton keanu reeves
Jamie Clayton – Photo Credit: Zimbio

Publicity Stunt?

Some people have wondered if the so called romance between Reeves and Clayton is nothing more than a publicity stunt to help hype up “Neon Demon”. If this is the case, it wouldn’t be the first time.

Channing Tatum has long experienced bi/gay rumors because of his work in promotion of Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL. See our Channing Tatum posts to learn more!

FYI: The fact that Neon Demon is about modeling and has Keanu Reeves in it lends itself to gay rumors automatically. We’ve seen this same phenomenon with other actors who have played parts in films with heavy gay themes. Examples include super studly Marco Dapper from Eating Out 2 and Leonardo DiCaprio from J. Edgar (see post).

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, even if Reeves is dating someone transgender, it doesn’t mean that he is “gay” or even “bi”. The reason is simply because sexual orientation and gender identification are two different constructs.

We will say, however, that when most people hear the latest Keanu Reeves rumor, they automatically think “gay”. Thankfully, well known trans-celebs like Caitlyn Jenner are educating the public on these important differences.

Keanu Reeves gay rumors

What do you think?

Just for fun, we are going to put up a poll that allows you to register your thoughts. We aren’t going to ask you if you think Keanu is gay or bi. Instead, we just want to know what your reaction would be if the rumor were true!

Main photo credit: Fan Pop


  1. Jamie had gender reassignment surgery, so I don’t see how a gay/bi label would apply if they were dating. The video looks like a friendly goodbye kiss and there were other people dining with them. I’m not bothered if they’re a couple but I am bothered that people take Star magazine gossip as fact. This is a prime example of how rumors start.

    • This is the one comment I agree with! star magazine started this crap – at least this site gave you the backstory about why the public is only hearing “gay”.

  2. Transgender women are women. A man dating a trans woman is in a heterosexual relationship. Who knows? Keanu Reeves could possibly be bisexual if he happens to also like men, frankly I don’t know or care, but this relationship is with a woman. This headline is sensationalistic and insulting to trans people everywhere.

  3. I love how the article tells you dating a trans woman doesn’t make you gay…. in the last couple of paragraphs. The headline and the rest of the article imply that it does tho.

    Thanks for that website, way to spread more Transphobia.

  4. You say it doesn’t make him gay but your clickbait article is meant to profit off of transphobia. Screw you.

  5. I love how all these trans people are getting all offended. Clearly the author stated that the story itself plays into an already existing narrative about Keanu Reeves. The same thing happened with Jared Leto.

    Like it or not my trans friends, Keanu Reeves has been dealing with gay rumors for years. His relationship with a trans woman only adds to what people think because the public confuses sexual orientation and gender identity. The article itself clearly points this out And more than once. It even included a video.

    This is why most lesbians and gay men want zero to do with trans people. “Everyone is out to get us” gets real old.

    Maybe Keanu is gay – ever stop to think about that?

    • Well history of society doesn’t help trans people feel like they aren’t being attacked. I don’t feel attacked persay.

      Though if they are a thing. The relationship is not homosexual. If he is gay then he wouldn’t be interest in trans women, as they are women. Gay men like men (whether feminine or not they identity as men).

      So I’m tired of this “Oh he seems to be with/interested in trans women, must be gay ’cause I mean that’s gay.”

      I know he has been getting such rumors but anybody saying this helps better concrete such rumors is what I hate.

      • As for the comment about why gays/lesbians don’t want anything to do with trans community.

        Well with in reason we kinda can feel that way when we are discriminated disproportionately versus the LGB community, even by the LGB community.

    • Not “everyone is out to get us”. Maybe we’re just tired of all your ignorance when we constantly push for a society that doesn’t revolve around what’s between your legs and on your chest. But yet we’re still called the “perverts”.

    • Which planet are you on? Jamie Clayton is a WOMAN, a transWOMAN. Is that clear enough for you to understand?

    • Perhaps most gays and lesbians want zero to do with trans people because those gays and lesbians simply are miserable, hateful bigots? Those gays and lesbians apparently would rather be egregiously disrespectful than to behave as they wish others would behave toward gays and lesbians?

    • I’m confused. The article clearly states: “Ultimately, even if Reeves is dating a transsexual, it doesn’t mean that he is “gay” or even “bi”. The reason is simply because sexual orientation and gender identification are two different constructs.”

      What part of that do people not see?

      I read it as a way of pushing back against what the Star Magazine reported and what blew up all of the “gay” rumors on him again. Someone here also said this was “supposed to be a news site”. It’s a gossip site people – it’s not a news site.

      • Obviously people cannot read. They just react to headlines without actually taking time to see what was written. Idiots.

  6. Keanu and Jamie of course may each identify as whatever sexual orientation they wish. We’ll have to wait for them to go public if they ever do.

    However, unless they each clarify that, it appears from all evidence made public, that he is a straight man attracted to women and Jamie is a straight woman attracted to men and by that they are straight individuals in a straight relationship unless and until they tell us otherwise.

  7. What do I think? I think that if Keanu Reeves is dating a trans woman, he’s not gay. Because he’s dating a woman.

  8. You call this site a news site?!
    The more I read, more disgusted I became from some so-called journalist! Mr. Hollywoodq go and ask your gay-friends, do they have a relationships with trans* WOMEN? Are they feel like a woam and want to be woman physically?
    Playing dumb, using the other people’s suffering doesn’t make you SMART! It makes you A**hole!

  9. Well, this is simply horrible and I’m having trouble imagining a worse insult that could be made against a transgender woman than to insinuate that she’s a man. Once again, misogynist gay men prove that they’re simply incapable of respectfully words, actions and behavior when considering transgender women.

    Your disgusting bigotry is showing and decent people would be embarrassed.

  10. This is absolutely disgusting, you really have no idea how being gay, or being transgender, works do you? Jamie Clayton is a woman, a transwoman. All transgender women are women. That means Keanu Reeves is heterosexual. Are you really so stupid that you can’t understand this? And why would you deliberately publish such slanderous hate speech as this about two actors, one a huge Hollywood star, knowing that the legal implications which may be leveled against you could be enormous? As I am transgender this is a personal attack against me and all other transwomen with these awful, nasty, allegations you are throwing around with absolutely no basis in truth whatsoever. What were you hoping to gain from this? Did you do it just for sick kicks? Do get a perverted thrill out of attacking transgender people? It certainly seems like you do. You are a set of extremely sick and disgusting individuals, I hope that I never meet anyone like you ever in my life.

  11. I am so SICK of the trans community taking everything so personally. I have been hearing Keanu Reeves gay rumors for years and when this story came out on the Star Magazine, it started all the crap over again. There’s nothing anti-trans in this post – Jesus Chris people! He told you why the rumors started up again. And the author even said people often confuse orientation and gender. He never said anyone was gay. As a gay man it is just hard to stick up for trans people because they get so worked up over things. And you wonder why so many gay men and lesbians distance ourselves from you?

    • There was no need to REINFORCE an already negative stereotype against one of the most oppressed minorities in the United States today. It was simply irresponsible. In fact, the article could have been written in such a way as to be uplifting of trans people. Imagine if the headline and the slant of the article had started with “Keanu Reeves Secure In His Manhood; Openly Dates Transgender Woman”. The article could have been sensationalistic by challenging other men in Hollywood to lose their transphobia.

      Instead the article took the negative sensationalistic path, making multiple references to negative tropes that didn’t have to be made, except to be stupidly sensationalistic, at the expense of trans women everywhere.

      Finally David Dude, any community so oppressed that it experiences 41% suicide rates before being able to “come out” and be themselves authentically is not one that needs additional assholes like this author piling on gratuitously for his own sensationalistic jollies. Have some empathy for others. We should all do that more anyway, right?

      • LizMarie,

        Nobody should be reporting he is openly dating a transgender woman because he has not confirmed that he is and it would be irresponsible to report it that way. Do you factually know the two are dating? Has Keanu Reeves himself confirmed this? He hasn’t as far as I know. WTF does everything have to be transphobic? I don’t agree with what David Dude wrote but I also don’t think calling people a-holes helps to support what you are trying to say. The fact is people already think Keanu might be gay or bi and what the Star put out there seems to add more to the rumors.

    • David Cisgay white dude bro eat a bag of dicks douche nozzle. You don’t qualify for a reasonable response.

  12. First off, if he is dating a transgender woman, then he is dating a WOMAN, so how does that make him gay? She is a FEMALE, he is a MALE, hmmm, that doesn’t appear to equal gay. I don’t care if he’s gay, bisexual or god forbid even if he is straight. it’s his life, and no one else’s.

    • Um wow now we can’t even say “trans”. Maybe we should dump the “T” from LGBT?

      Again, this is another example of why gay/lesbians and trans have issues.

      • Trans applies to several different words, but being Transgender is different than being a transvestite. And saying it’s an example of “why” someone has issues is really untactful and a bit ignorant. If you can’t understand that then perhaps you have far more severe issues.

        • Where was anyone called a transvestite? Did you pull that out of your butt? I’m sure you had to reach through a lot of hot air when you did.

  13. A hetorosexual man having a relationship with a trans woman does not make him gay or bisexual. A trans woman is a woman. Not that there’s anything wrong with being gay or bi, of course.

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