The World’s Hottest Engineer Strikes Again With A Steamy Selfie

“Be a Kim, Not a Kanye.”

Gentlemen, feast your eyes on the very insta-famous Keegan Whicker. 

Keegan is an actual gift from the gods. The world’s hottest industrial engineer is once again living up to his honorific title by sharing another thirst-inducing, jaw-dropping photo on his Instagram stories, and we suddenly feel parched, to say the least…

Unfortunately, the photo is too NSFW to share it here, but if you look at his Highlights Stories on Instagram you will find it.

In the photo, the handsome hunk hides his meat with a KimK emoji and writes “Be a Kim, Not a Kanye.” Kim Kardashian West is a master at posting nude selfies and breaking the internet.

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zam zaddy 👀✌🏼

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So who is this brooding beefcake exactly?

Keegan Whicker is an Atlanta-based engineer and author, and according to his LinkedIn, he’s an industrial engineer with a degree from the University of Arkansas. He has written three books (Selfish Vol.1, Selfish Vol.2, and a third special edition). The Selfish series provokes introspection while it titillates the senses. The second installment takes a deeper look at Keegan Whicker through his #TerribleThoughtsTumblr, a compilation of his most embarrassing thoughts.

The mega-hot man also spent a few years volunteering at Feed Fayetteville where he helped deliver meals to those in need. Well, Keegan, I’m in need too, so feel free to come by my place anytime! 

He is also obviously a model that has been teasing his 500k followers on Instagram with some barely there photos that leave very little to the imagination.

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I am still questioning how someone can look so scrumptious, but I’ll try my best to resist licking my dirty computer screen. I mean, just look at him, and then, try to focus on something else. It’s damn near impossible.

Anyway, here’s some more of Keegan’s hottest photos. Have fun!

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