Glee Actor Kevin McHale Posted A Cute Picture With His Boyfriend

Kevin McHale Posted A Cute Picture

Glee actor Kevin McHale is causing a stir on the internet by simply posting a loving picture of a couple cuddling online.

Yesterday, the actor and singer shared a picture online of him cuddling next to a cute boy who lays asleep next to him. In the Instagram picture, found below, McHale captions the two word line, “My Coachella.”

Despite the fact that we can now see half the face of the mysterious boy that everyone’s been talking about for the past month, we’re still not 100% sure who the boy is.

Most believe that its fellow actor and singer Austin McKenzie. McKenzie is best known for acting as Melchior Gabor in Deaf West’s Broadway revival of Spring Awakening.

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People first guessed that McKenzie was the mystery man in McHale’s life after the Glee star revealed the initial picture of him holding hands with a man. That also acted as a subtle way for McHale to come out, and we only hope that future celebrities coming out becomes as normal and simple an act as McHale made it.

In that picture, McHale only included a single emoji as the caption. The emoji was the ASL hand gesture for “I love you.”

The two boys have appeared in each other’s Instagram pictures, which shows that they are close to some degree. On top of that, both actors most recently appeared in Dustin Lance Black’s miniseries about gay rights called When We Rise. Perhaps, their time waiting off-screen during the production of that series is how the two met/got closer and how they walked down the road of this relationship.

No matter what, congratulations to Kevin McHale and his boyfriend (who we assume is Austin McKenzie). We hope the best and the happiest for you two.

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