Kevin Spacey Gay Rumors: 10 Reasons You Hear Them!

kevin spacey gay rumors

What’s Up with the Kevin Spacey Gay Rumors?

Kevin Spacey gay rumors have been floating around forever – but why do they exist? Before we get too far into it, let’s be clear – we love this guy! The truth is Kevin Spacey is one of the most celebrated actors of our time. His personal life just happens to be one of the most talked about. It is for this reason we decided to create a post!

The reality is that gay rumors surrounding Kevin Spacey have been around for so long and have been so prevalent in the popular consciousness that it is almost shocking when someone comes out and starts a rumor that he ISN’T gay at this point. Out of all of the reasons why you hear that Kevin Spacey is gay, there are ten in particular that seem to act as power sources for the chit-chat.

As we do with most of our listed celebs, we’ll start off giving you some standard background info and then move about the business of exploring the gay rumors.

Let’s jump right in!

Gay-Ta File: Kevin Spacey

Birthday: July 26, 1959

Sign: Leo

Height: 5’11

Body Type: Grey Wolf

kevin spacey 1997 esquire magazine gay

1. Esquire Magazine

For some actors, it’s really difficult to pinpoint the exact moment when people started to believe that they were gay. Rumors have been swirling around for so long that it’s difficult to remember a time where they weren’t prevalent, let alone when they started in the first place. For Kevin Spacey, however, it’s actually quite easy. All of the gay rumors surrounding his personal life can pretty much be traced back to the same source – Esquire Magazine.

In 1997, when Spacey was just about to become internationally known for his role in “American Beauty,” Equire published a profile on the actor where they essentially “outed” him as being gay. While Spacey would quickly give follow-up interviews to other magazines and would say that comments that he made led to a misunderstanding, this was one genie that wouldn’t go back in its bottle anytime soon.

2. Bryan Singer

The gay community in Hollywood in particular tends to be pretty tight knit. It is very common for gay professionals to work with one another again and again, regardless of the nature of the project in question. As a result, one of the many reasons why you continue to hear gay rumors about Kevin Spacey has to do with his relationship with hugely famous and openly gay director Bryan Singer.

Singer and Spacey first worked together in 1995 on the classic film “The Usual Suspects,” which was essentially responsible for launching both of their careers. Singer has made no secret of the fact that he enjoys a gay lifestyle and continues to celebrate it in much of his work since.

The “X-Men” films, for example, were designed to be metaphors for the plight of gay men and women everywhere. Spacey and Singer are not only close friends, but they have also continued to work together in the years since “The Usual Suspects” – particularly on “Superman Returns,” where Spacey starred as criminal mastermind Lex Luthor.

3. Joke in the Movie “Borat”

The gay rumors surrounding Kevin Spacey are so well known and have been around for so long that they’ve actually become a joke in and of themselves. Case in point: in the film “Borat,” Sacha Baron Cohen stars as a gay fashion journalist/aspiring actor who is looking to jump start his career in Hollywood.

When he looks at some of today’s most popular actors and realizes that they are all straight, he assumes that he, too, must become straight in order to become a famous actor. The joke of the scene is that all of the actors that he’s referring to – Kevin Spacey, John Travolta and Tom Cruise – are all rumored to be living closeted gay lifestyles.

4. Gay Roles

For someone who will regularly try to stamp out gay rumors whenever they start, Kevin Spacey sure doesn’t have a problem taking on gay roles. He kissed a man in his career-making turn in “American Beauty” and he also stars as Frank Underwood on the hit Netflix show “House of Cards.”

It was revealed in the first season that not only did Frank Underwood have a gay relationship in college, but he also proudly (albeit quietly) considers himself to still be bisexual to this day.

5. The Old Vic

If you’re an actor who also enjoys a healthy theater career, you can pretty much guarantee that gay rumors will start to fly about you sooner rather than later. See our posts on mega-wolf Hugh Jackman and sizzling hot Daniel Sunjata.

And so it turns out, this was definitely the case with Kevin Spacey, who has made no secret of the fact that he absolutely loves the theater above all other forms of acting. Not only does he love the theater, but he also took over control of the Old Vic in London for a 10 year tenure beginning in 2003.

old vick theater london

6. The Old Vic, Part II

Speaking of the Old Vic, one of the most glaring reasons why gay rumors swirl about Kevin Spacey has to do with something that happened during the period of time in which he was living in London. You see, Kevin Spacey was unfortunately mugged in the middle of the night while he was enjoying the sights in a famous London park near the theater.

The issue is that the park is a famous gay location in the area where gay men go to meet one another and “hookup”. Because the park has such a die-hard reputation for after hour extra-circular activities (and because the mugging literally took place in the middle of the night), it wasn’t long before people started making mega-gay assumptions.

7. He’s Intensely Private

Another one of the reasons why people think that Kevin Spacey is gay has to do with the fact that he’s so private about his personal life. While Spacey has long said that “everyone deserves a private life regardless of their reputation,” the fact that he isn’t willing to comment on his sexuality publicly has led many people to wonder about the nature of the life that he’s actually living.

Anytime an actor is ambiguous about their relationships or if they appear to be going out of their way to hide their personal relationships, the gay rumor mill gets supercharged. In fact, this is one of the primary reasons why gay related rumors start swirling about an actor in the first place.

kevin spacey im not gay
Credit: Gawker


8. He Has Denied Being Gay in the Past

Though Kevin Spacey regularly does not comment about his sexuality, there are a few recorded instances throughout history where he did just that and they did absolutely nothing to stop these rumors. In one interview, he actually tried to assert that gay rumors have helped his relationship with women.

9. Articles appearing online

Most of the gay rumors that you hear about Kevin Spacey come from online websites. Case in point: A series of articles that appears on the “Defamer” website.  

You can pull these up easily with a Google search. When you do, you will notice several posts about “rumors” that have been traveling around about Kevin Spacey being either gay or bi. There’s far too many for us to list in this one article and that is why we are suggesting you do an Internet search. The point here is that a good number of these rumors are a result of what is being blogged online with supposed detailed accounts of various behaviors. 

10. Andy Cohen

Finally, one of the biggest reasons why people think that Kevin Spacey is gay is because Andy Cohen, popular reality television show host, has publicly said that he is.

Cohen is gay himself and has been a friend of Kevin Spacey’s for years, leading more than a little bit of credibility to his statements. You can read more about it on the website, Radar Online in a featured post

Final Thoughts

We love Kevin Spacey here on the blog – a lot. He’s a funny, witty and gifted actor who continues to remain a hot commodity in the world of celebradom. We would be delighted to hear that Kevin Spacey is gay because guess what – we don’t think there’s anything wrong with being gay in the first place.

We’ve published a poll below that to let you speculate. Remember, the poll is not scientific and has been published for the purposes of fun. Don’t take it super seriously.

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  1. No one’s vote means anything! If someone says they’re straight they most likely are. I think some people just love to spread false rumors about celebrities in order to distract themselves from their own humdrum life. And never mind the lame denials. It’s true!
    Of course Hollywood Does have a larger percentage of gays and bi’s then anywhere else in the U.S BUT that does not mean he’s gay. It’s hard to believe in this day and age when actors and Actresses practically take out billboards to (ZZzzzzz) announce they’re “Coming Out Of The Closet” that any would deny it now. But of course it could be due to their desire for privacy.
    But UNTIL Kevin is caught in Bed with another man or making out heavily and it’s NOT for a tv or movie role OR HE Admits it, I’ll go with the Notion that he’s straight.

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