University of Kentucky Footballer Landon Foster Came Out

Landon Foster Came Out

Landon Foster had a tough time while playing for the University of Kentucky’s football team.

His experience was especially hard because of the fact that he was in the closet. But now, with the help of Outsports, Foster has come out and started sharing his story.

Foster shares that for most of his time at the University of Kentucky, he felt alone. His desire for perfection and success clouded his journey towards happiness.

“For the entirety of my adolescence and college career, I thought being ‘perfect’ was the path to a successful and happy life,” Foster wrote. “Anything else would pronounce failure. And my one fear in life was failure. I wanted to be perfect.”

After making that statement and listing out 22 “I am” affirmations, Foster then ended on affirming that he was gay. Part of this was in an effort of expressing that being gay is a part of him and not the entirety of him.

“I am a four-year Kentucky football letterman. I am an only child. I am a white, 6-foot-2 man. I am gay.”

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Afterwards, Foster went into more detail about his struggles while he was in the closet. He shares that the fundamental aspect of who he was attracted to then affected many of the other aspects of his life.

“Up to that point, every action in my life was first contemplated in my head about what is the most ‘straight’ thing to say, do or wear,” Foster wrote. “When I couldn’t trust one of the most fundamental aspects of my existence — to whom I am attracted — then trusting myself in any other aspect of life became almost impossible.”

It didn’t help that his time on the team was a turbulent one for LGBTQ matters. Kentucky clerk Kim Davis was making news for denying services to gay couples trying to get married. Then, Michael Sam, former Missouri linebacker, came out right before the 2014 NFL draft.

All of this led to Foster being even more confused about his sexuality, his sport, and his place in the world.

But why is he coming out now with Outsports? Because Landon Foster says he wants to be representation for any athletes who will come after him.

“I want to positively affect as many people as possible, and I believe this is one avenue,” he said.

As Foster said on Twitter, “you can be ‘out’ and be a successful athlete.”

h/t: OutSports

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