Gay Rapper Le1f Shares Screenshot Of Racist NZ Grindr User

Rapper Le1f Shares Screenshot

Openly gay rapper Le1f is having a hard time while traveling internationally, and he’s sharing the disgusting stories of racism with the world.

Le1f, real name Khalif Diouf, is a New York City-born hip hop artist, rapper, and producer who’s gotten attention for his unique music and his open honesty about his sexuality.

And now, Le1f is being honest about some of multiple bad experiences he’s had in a recent trip abroad.

While first traveling to New Zealand to perform at the Proud party at Auckland’s Q Theatre, Le1f at some point decided to go on Grindr. What met him on there was one terrible encounter with an insecure man who resorted to racial slurs.

Le1f shared a screenshot of the conversation on his Instagram account with the following caption:

“I’m being hella loose and casual on the gram these days but I think y’all should never not see what it’s like to be black.”

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Gay broadcaster and MC Steven Oates, who originally picked Le1f up from the Auckland Airport, shares that he’s shocked by the Grindr conversation.

“He was a lovely guy, very sweet,” said Oates in reference to Le1f.

“No one should be racially abused. One would think that the LGBTI community would be above racism, because we know what it’s like to be discriminated against. But apparently racism is alive and thriving within the LGBTI community.”

“It’s a terrible look for any visitor to be racially abused on any forum while visiting New Zealand,” says Mr Oates.

“We like to think we’re clean and green, the Scandinavia of the south. But unfortunately, you just need to scratch the surface a bit and you see we have many of the problems that other countries around the world have.”

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On top of that, Le1f also shared that he dealt with racism why visiting Australia as well. In a trip that happened just before his one to New Zealand, Le1f was stopped by customs on his way out of the Melbourne Airport.

While Melbourne Airport eventually reached out to Le1f in order to investigate the situation, he said he didn’t want to because he thinks the situation would be swept under the rug.

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