Magic H8 Ball, A New Comedy About A Gay Man & A Demonic Kid’s Toy, Needs Support

Writer Dan Haas

Magic H8 Ball

Every now and then, a new gay story comes along that sounds weird, quirky, and campy… and also pretty cool, and today I have just the film for you guys.

Magic H8 Ball is a new film project that’s currently trying to get crowdfunded on Kickstarter. The comedy follows Adam, who’s played by Nathan Mohebbi of Masters of SexChasing Life, and James Franco’s Child of God. Adam is upset because he’s just broken up with his boyfriend after finding out that his ex cheated on him (and gave him chlamydia).

In his despair, Adam finds a Magic 8 Ball and randomly asks it if it’ll make all his decisions for him. The ball responds with “Yes.” Adam then goes on a journey led by the kid’s toy that might have an (evil) mind of its own.

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Like I said, this story sounds quirky and maybe even a little campy and that could always be fun. But, what’s really interesting is that this mystical children’s toy (which potentionally could be possessed by an evil spirit) is really just a fantastical realization of the real problem. The real problem being the confusion after a breakup.

As stated in the Kickstarter:

“Usually, there’s no easy answer. We don’t get that kind of satisfaction or closure. So when Adam finds a loophole—a magic ball that has all the answers—it’s no wonder he gives it free reign over his increasingly messy life. What we’re left with is a slightly-drunk gay kid against the world, armed only with a sickly schlong and a sadistic kid’s toy. What could go wrong?”

So, if you are interested in seeing this story come to life, consider backing the Kickstarter now. They’ve got a little under a month left to fully fund the film project.

And, if you want to read more about the hopes of the project and who is involved with it, like the casting director for several Disney/Marvel movies, head over to the Kickstarter page.

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