Man Sought in Alleged Rape of Another Man in College Locker Room

male rape lockerroom

Male rape in a locker room

Authorities are looking for a suspect who allegedly raped a man in a college locker room at a Pasadena College. According to local KABC, the rape took place on Tuesday, April 4.

The incident occurred in the men’s locker room in the Aquatics Center on the college campus. Students seem to be very upset and concerned. Below is a video from KABC regarding the rape.

Per the local KABC report:

“The suspect is described as a man standing 5 feet 8 inches tall, weighing 170 pounds, between the age of 20 and 22. He has a shaved head with a mullet type of hairstyle in the back, a septum piercing and was last seen wearing a dark long-sleeved shirt with khaki pants.

PCC superintendent and president, Rajen Vurdien, said the incident was “an affront to the values shared by PCC’s faculty, staff and students.

“We are marshaling every resource at our disposal to ensure campus safety, provide a safe environment for our students, and bring the perpetrator to justice. Our hearts go out to the victim and his family and friends,” he said.

The college also provided a list of safety tips and resources for students compiled by RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization.”

This crime takes place at a time when wider attention is being paid to victims of sexual assault. A new documentary: The Voiceless, created by film maker Vanessa McNeal hopes to shine a light on an issue that is often not discussed.

Five men speak out about their experiences in the film. Some share they keep what happened to them secret for years. Others act out later in life. And still others become violent, joining gangs.

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“We live in a society that continues to state that sexual violence can’t and won’t happen to men,” McNeal says.

h/t: Queerty (For story on male rape victims documentary)