Gay YouTube Couple Announce Break-up In Emotional Video

Is there a right way to announce a breakup?

On YouTube, there is. 💔

Like how celebrity couples release joint statements to the tabloid press when they break up, it’s become somewhat of a requirement for popular YouTubers to announce the demise of their relationships in joint videos posted to their channels.

The latest participants in the breakup video trend were Mark E. Miller and his long-term boyfriend, Ethan Hethcote.

The California-based men began dating in May 2013. Mark’s channel has over 680,000 subscribers and most of the videos are vlogs of him and Hethcote on their travels and adventures.

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Yesterday, they posted an emotional five-minute video in which they explained their split. They began by revealing they’d moved into separate apartments.

‘We’ve had a very fast, very fun, very exciting five years,’ begins Hethcote. ‘We started a company together, we made videos together, so it was like our professional live and persona lives got really intertwined.’

“I don’t mean to say that in a bad way, because it’s an awesome thing,” he added. “I’m so grateful for the experiences that we’ve had. We just need to re-evaluate how we’re doing individually, because everything was just so habitually together.

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“The moral of this story is the RuPaul saying: ‘If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?’” he added.

“We’re both humans, just like you, we cry, we laugh, we bleed. we chose to communicate this to you all hoping it would give you a LITTLE insight to where we are. we shot for 40 minutes, I edited this down to 5. I know I was tearing up… NO SH**, I LOVE that man up there. Crying feels great, give it try sometime.” Mark commented on his own video.

The tears in their eyes touched us deeply, We wish the best for the both of you guys.