Marty McKenna Pushed His Manhood Against the DJ!

Never afraid to take things to the next level, Marty decided to whip out his manhood in the nightclub for all to see.

Marty McKenna is no stranger to shocking storylines thanks to his time in Geordie Shore and Ex On The Beach MTV Shows. 

The drive for attention run strong in the cast of MTV’s Ex on the Beach with Marty flashing his manhood and doing crazy pranks all the time. Sounds like an awful housemate, doesn’t he? Imagine waking up first thing in the morning, and having a cute lad’s dick being waved in your face. Ugh, unthinkable! J/k, sounds like breakfast in bed if you ask us.

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He only starred in six episodes but had to leave early as he fell ill, with the doctor noting that he wasn’t eating well and drinking enough water.

But he did manage to cause his fair share of drama while he was there. 

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Check out some hot scenes from the Goerdie Shore below:

Marty and Chloe bang whilst Maaron smash the buck boat… Howay!

Marty McKenna has left fans baffled once again by his latest night time antics. 

The naughty boy is back with a ridiculous video of him approaching a DJ at a night club and saying something in his ear with his banana hanging out. 

In the clip, which has gone viral all around social media, the Ex On The Beach lad can be seen dancing behind a DJ booth. Looking cheekily at the camera, he then exposes himself before pressing himself against the person on decks.

Was he requesting a song? Sharing his favorite cranberry scone recipe? We’ll never know for sure…but here’s what we do know: His banana enjoys getting people’s attention.

We really hope the DJ was in on this “joke.”

You can see the completely not OK to look at when you are at work video that CC&CT uploaded to their Twitter account here.

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