Hot Med Student Joey Kiho Kim Can Give Us A Physical Anytime

Med Student Joey Kiho Kim

We have another hot Instagram stud to share with you all. And this time, it’s not a guy who just lives for posting his hot self-online and only that.

This is a hot guy (and a hot model at that) who also gives back to the world. (Jake Shears would be proud).

Joey Kiho Kim is a Korean-American man living in Brooklyn, New York City.

While he started out as a med student, Kim eventually realized that modeling was also something he wanted to do too. But instead of dropping his future medical career, he decided to embrace both worlds.

Now, he works under the New York company Red, but he also spends time working on medical projects and going to conferences based on medical innovations.

Ultimately, he wants his life to focus on his two passions while serving as living representation for two facts. That hot guys can also contribute to society and that Asian men can in fact be considered hot.

“As much as this is a hobby and fun for me, I hope that I can have some positive impact on the way that Asian-American males are portrayed in the media and viewed by the world,” Kim wrote in one of his Instagram posts.

You can check out some of his impact through Instagram pictures down below.

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h/t: InstinctMag