Infamous Anti-Gay Pizzeria “Memories Pizza” Shuts Down

Memories Pizza Just Closed Down

An Indiana pizzeria that became famous for its policy of not serving gay couples has closed down.

Back in 2015, Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana became famous after Crystal O’Connor, the daughter of the owners, stated on a local news broadcast that their pizza place wouldn’t cater any weddings for same-sex couples.

And if you think it was only the daughter who was a homophobic conservative, you’d be wrong. The father, Kevin O’Connor, later shared with WBND-TV that he felt the same. Specifically, he said, “Why should I be beat over the head because they choose that lifestyle?”

The Pizzeria then became the center of attention for expressing its views on the topic. Media hounded the store, people sent letters, or prospectors stood outside. Things got so bad that the Pizzeria was temporarily closed down.

In an act of community and kindness, a GoFundMe page was erected to keep the O’Connors financially afloat until the news blew over. Mostly conservatives donated to the page and raised about $842,000 to help the family.

That said, when they came back they became the butt of a joke at a particular gay weeding. In October of that year, Robin Trevino drove out from Chicago to Walkerton in order to buy two large pizzas. He then drove back and served the pizzas at his gay wedding as a joke.

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Now, news is getting around the that formerly infamous Pizzeria has closed down, but its not what you think. While the stores has a sign out front that says the pizzera has been closed for a month, it seems it was the choice of the owners. Local business owners and neighbors shared with the South Bend Tribune that the store is simply closed because the O’Connors were ready to retire.

We’ll be a little honest in saying that we’re not sad to see them go, but we will respect their space and not hound them anymore. Hey, if they’re not selling pizzas, they aren’t rejecting gay couples either, right?

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