Meet These Hot Mermen


Joining the mermen rage?

Did you hear the news? The merman look is (apparently) turning into a big thing! Fueled by fantasy and fun, guys are starting to take things to a whole new level.

In the past, we’ve explored mermen when we decoded a merman dream of a reader. But nothing in our wildest dreams could prepare us for just how realistic things have become.

Check out this video from My Crazy Obsession. It will walk you through the experience of Eric – a man who describes himself as obsessed with mermaids.

My Crazy Obsession – Celebrity/Merman from Bobby A on Vimeo.

And then we have Davi Moreira and Alex Vassal; two people who are also all about mermania.

Davi, who is openly gay, lives in Brazil. In a recent interview he gave to GSN, he shared: “I started when I was little, playing on the beach. I would roll my mom’s towel around my legs and I imitate Ariel. I am a huge fan of Disney.

“Then I saw that there were people who would professionally do this and had a different lifestyle. From there I got the idea of using a flipper, sowed some tight Lycra to it and it became a simple tail. Then I started buying more.”

For him, dressing up as a merman lets him escape the blandness of everyday life.

“Since I was a kid, I have always been fascinated by the mystic, the fantasy world. Our human world is too boring, isn’t it?”, he shared in his interview.

You can find many of his costumes via his Instagram account.

Want to meet another gay man who likes living his life out as a merman on social media? Then look no further than Vassal, also known as Merman Arion.

He’s built up an impressive following of over 44,000 and it seems to be growing.

Sewing thousands of scales by hand, Vassal creates each of his tails with extreme care. And his fans seem to dig it!

Mermen have historically been seen as mythical creatures living in the ocean. Think of them as the masculine version of mermaids.

When seen in dreams, mermen represent mysticism, fantasy and otherworldly. Almost always kind and friendly, these creatures pop up in dreams to offer guidance.

You’ll often see mermen on different Instagram accounts. A friend of GPB, Art By Fab, has many of them featured in his drawings.

The folks at Weird Wild World recently created a film about a unique group that regularly connects with the singular purpose of dressing (and swimming) as merpeople in Seattle, Washington.

Because mermen technically don’t have male genitalia, it’s an attractive, fun activity for folks who identify as non-binary and non-gender conforming.

h/t: GSN