Mitch Palmer Had a MASSIVE Photo Leak That Has Everyone Talking!

mitch palmer

It’s like woof and lick swirled together with this guy!

Are you into tatted up, muscled men? Do you like guys with super large appendages of the yum-tastic kind? Well, you are going to absolutely LOVE hearing word that MTV Reality Star Mitch Palmer experienced a photo-leak!

Well, we don’t really know they “leaked” or not. But we do know that this guy is so freaking hot that he blew our main servos out when we accessed the goodies.

We don’t have lots of information on Mitch except that he was on MTV’s Love Island. But what we do have his Twitter account, which offers some clues into the hunks thinking about social issues, life, and culture in general.

And then of course there is his Instagram account – a page that is filled with SO MUCH deliciousness that it’s hard to view for long periods of time.

We particularly liked the photograph of him in his sweatpants. Oh, didn’t you hear? We have a thing for hot guys in sweats!!! But there are other morsels of delish on his Insta-Yum page. The kind of photos that would make any hungry mate a visual crack-whore!

For example, the coffee pictures of the guy are enough to make us ditch caffeine and just look at him for energy for real! And then there are the lumbersexual pictures – you know – the kind that show guys in flannel and sporting facial hair. Yep, he’s got those on his page too!

But what REALLY caught our attention were the pictures of him that featured his wicked blue yes. OMG, they look like they are staring right into you!

So the question is – where can you find the yum yum pics. Well, it is simple.

A little birdie told us that if you gently click your heals three times  and head over to the safe for work area of the OMG blog, and then click on Candy – they are there.

FYI: “Candy” is the not safe for work area of the site.

Now we can’t say for how long his pics will be up. In fact, we can’t even tell you for sure if those are his pics. But if they are, OMG WOOF!