Dancer at Gay Nightclub Faces Trial for Shooting Boyfriend in Head While Sleeping

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Police say after killing his boyfriend, he wrapped him in garbage bags and put him in a closet

A grisly news story out of Atlanta suggests that a 34-year old male dancer who performed at a gay nightclub used a gun to shoot his boyfriend as he slept on the couch.

Reporting from Project Q tells the tale of how police believe that Bradley Morgan used a 9mm handgun to discharge two bullets into the head of Brian Campbell.

After killing him, Morgan then took two large plastic bags and wrapped up his body before shoving him into a closet.

Specifics of how Morgan allegedly killed Campbell on October 1st of last year came to light during a preliminary hearing last week in Atlanta.

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The judge overseeing the case, Jessy Lall, ruled there was probable cause for prosecutors to pursue 5 charges against Morgan. These include malice murder, felony murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, theft by taking and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Morgan was arrested in Alabama on Oct. 20 and extradited to Atlanta on Dec. 23. Right now, he is being held in the Fulton County Jail without bond. A bond hearing is scheduled for Feb. 9.

As reported on the Project Q site:

“Police said both men were married to women – Campbell had a wife and children who lived in Delaware; Morgan’s estranged wife was in Alabama – but the two men were in a romantic relationship for more than a year. They shared a 27th floor condo at 1010 Midtown and before that, they lived together in a past residence of Campbell.”

Brian Campbell: Credit: Project Q Atlanta

Mr. Campbell was a long time executive at Comcast. He was promoted to division vice president in 2012, according to his official obituary.

Police said that Campbell would sometimes nap on the couch because of a bad back. Apparently, he may have been doing just that at the time of his murder. Criminal investigators found a large pool of blood that was covered by a pillow.

“What was immediately peculiar was the setting of the thermostat was turned down to the lowest setting. It was extremely cold in the apartment. The lights were off, curtains closed and a scented candle was burning in the bathroom right outside the closet door where Mr. Campbell was discovered,” said investigator and special agent, David Jones.

Further testimony at the hearing by Special Agent Jones reveals the details of how the two men met.

Apparently, Campbell became acquainted with Morgan at a gay Atlanta night club; a place where Morgan was working as a stripper. They had known one another for about a year.

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Investigator Jones, who at the time of the killing was an Atlanta homicide detective, also shared that Morgan told his estranged wife and step-mother that he and Mr. Campbell were “boyfriends” and that Campbell was financially paying his way.

Campbell’s wife, who had not heard from her husband in several days, became worried. That’s when she phoned in a missing person’s report to Atlanta PD.

Cops found Campbell’s body on October 3, inside of the bathroom closet.

Police also suggest that after Morgan killed his boyfriend, he stole three expensive watches and tried to unload them at local pawn shops.

“Two large trash bags were used to contain Mr. Campbell. He was clad in only his underwear. We also found another large trash bag, which turned out to be Mr. Campbell’s clothing that had been cut up,” said Jones.

Morgan did have a criminal past. He was convicted of felony burglary back in 2002. In that case, he was arrested after tying up his high school teacher and then tried to steal her car. At the time, he was on prison work detail.

The motive for the murder appears to be financial.

h/t: Project Q Atlanta

By: John Hollywood

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