8 Facts About Nicholas Hoult, The British Lad of Our Dreams

nicholas hoult

Nicholas Hoult Fun Facts

Ah, what is better than a British guy? I mean, the accent, the manners, the royal background… Okay, the last one might be an exaggeration, but still, all the British stereotypes that a century of advertising, Hollywood and globalization have taught us are just marvelous.

Also, if that British guy feels more attractive than mac and cheese after 2 liters (or should I say “litres”?) of vodka, then we are talking about a real catch. And we’ve got you covered. Nicholas Hoult is the real deal, guys. Ladies and gentlemen, today we will be talking about the amazing Nicholas Hoult!

1 He Started Working as an Actor at 7

In 1996, Nicholas was just a 7-year-old boy who happened to be the descendant of a talented bloodline. His mother, Glenis, was a piano teacher and his great-aunt, Dame Anna Neagle, was an extremely popular actress back in the 1930s. In 1996, he got his debut role in “Intimate Relations,” and after a long journey in television, he was cast for “About a Boy,” a movie that would change his life forever.

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Being a ridiculously pretty boy, his actual trip to glory began in 1992, when a director spotted him in the audience during a play his brother was starring. The director noticed that Hoult was really great at concentrating but I believe that his eyes were the ones that made him say “Whoa! We’ve got a real star in the making here!”

2. Nicholas Hoult is a Professional Ballet Dancer

For some reason, many people just cannot see the dancing part in our dearest Nicholas. However, his mild facial expressions, his delicate hands and the classy attitude, just scream “ballet” on him! His whole figure included. Because Nicholas is really proud of his ballet background.

Believe it or not, Nicholas Hoult took ballet classes with his sisters and he got actually so good at it that he has also been cast as a dancer in a number of ballets like “Swan Lake.” This, alone, has helped him in Hollywood, a place where being versatile (no pun intended) can only prove really handy and beneficial for someone’s career. Think that Nicholas is so versatile (again, no pun intended) that he has even given his voice to a video game character, Elliot, in “Fable III.”

3. He Owes Tom Ford A Lot

You might remember Nicholas from Tom Ford’s extraordinary movie, “A Single Man,” in which he played alongside Colin Firth and Julian Moore –you might also remember him from a huge block-buster which we will be talking about in a while. However, Ford was so amazed by his looks that he had a great proposal for him.

Walls, posters, department stores, billboards. His face was everywhere when Tom Ford asked him to replace Jon Kortajarena (another great eye-candy) as the face of Tom Ford Eyewear for Spring 2010 collection. That’s why his face most likely rings some bells. Or maybe because of the blockbuster hit he was proudly part of.

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4. He Portrayed Beast on X-Men

Just picture this: A blue, hairy creature with unmeasured power when he gets angry and fights for justice alongside a bunch of other superheroes. This was exactly the role that boomed Nicholas’ career and made him what he is today. A star, of course!

Also, the first X-Men that he ever appeared on (“X-Men: First Class”) became a blockbuster and his role was among the most favorite ones that the fans fell in love with. If you want to watch more of the legendary Beast, make sure you watch “X-Men: Days of Future Past” and “X-Men: Apocalypse” too, before the fourth part comes out.

5. He Dated Jennifer Lawrence

While he was shooting for “X-Men: First Class,” Nicholas met an American Sweetheart that the world just loves. He was playing a blue Beast and she was playing a blue shape-sifter, Mystique. We are talking about Jennifer Lawrence, obviously.

These two folks dated for quite some time but, unfortunately, their relationship just didn’t work out. However, they still have feelings of affection for each other and Jennifer has publicly said that Hoult is a great person. And if Jennifer says so, we can only assume she is telling the truth. I mean, have you ever heard J-Law lying?

Bonus info: He also dated Victoria Justice in 2010.

6. His Childhood Years Were Really Busy

You would believe that talented guys are just born with a natural charisma –which is partly true. Talent does usually come with a birth certificate. However, Nicholas worked his way up to the top and didn’t just sit back and wait for great things to happen to him and his career.

Even though he is one of four and grew up in a loud home with two sisters and a brother, while his mother was teaching piano, he still managed to find time to work on his talents. Despite his ballet classes, he was an expert at trombone and at singing. This guy has a great voice! No wonder he was nominated both for a Walkers Home Grown Talent and a BAFTA Rising Star Award!

7. He is Tall. Like Really Tall!

Who doesn’t like tall guys? Okay, I’m not saying this because I am almost 6’2” but because this amazing, British lad we are talking about today is a solid 6’3” which only makes all fall much more for him. In fact, he is so tall that he used to play basketball for the Reading Rockets.

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According to some really solid online sources (#not) he weighs 185 pounds, so we are talking about some great body proportions here. Okay, except if you like your men bigger and hairier. Then Nicholas’ body figure might be a deal-breaker.

8. He is Involved With Charity

There is this misunderstanding about cute guys. People just assume they are shallow, trapped in the way they look and make other people feel when they are around. However, Nicholas Hoult is nothing like this –and many other cute guys I might add.

His hopes and dreams for the future are not just limited to his personal goals, but he just wants the best for other people too. Plus, the importance of giving back is a life-lesson for all of us. Nicholas works with some charitable funds including the Teenage Cancer Trust.