Nick Jonas’ Biceps, LGBTQ Professionals, Supernatural Buzz

Time for another vapid, silly wrap up post that covers a variety of topics in one fell swoop. In this campy installment, I’ll share with you why I’m gagging on Nick Jonas’s biceps, where you can meet LGBTQ professionals (for networking), and why we’re overjoyed Supernatural is coming back for another season!

OK, let’s jump right on.

Nick Jonas

If you are visiting almost any gay blog, there’s a good chance you’ll run into a number of posts on singer and actor, Nick Jonas. Goodness knows we’ve posted on that hunk a gazillion times here at GPB.

Given interest in the stud, I couldn’t help but nosey around his Twitter account to see the latest. And OMG am I glad that I did! That’s because there is a WICKED hot video of Nick curling his biceps at the gym.

Seriously, between his muscles and the facial hair, they were enough to make me yum (read between the lines girl, ok?)

LGBT Professionals

Not long ago, a buddy of mine told me about a group on Facebook that was unlike so many that exist on the social media platform. Long story short, it is a community of people who identify as LGBTQ who are involved in professional networking.

Curious, I decided to check it out. All I can tell you is wow, I was way impressed! People were helping one other find jobs and offering interview tips.

If you identify as queer and want a place to network for career purposes, I highly recommend LGBT Professionals. I’m not getting jack for mentioning them (nor is GPB). Instead, I’m simply sharing because I know many of my fellow queers desperately want a place like this to meet others. I hope you check it out!

dean sam winchester gay lovers


Okay, so last week, word came out that the CW is renewing several shows. The biggies include The Flash with hunky Grant Gustin and Arrow with yummed out Stephen Amell.

But the one I’m super excited about is Supernatural with the Winchester Boys. Oh, you know who they are, right? They are the delicious brothers that we inappropriately wrote about some time ago. We’re talking about Jensen Ackles (Dean) and Jared Padalecki (Sam). And a little birdie told me that there’s been talk of a crossover event involving Stephen Amell.

OK, well – maybe not a little birdie. My source was TV Guide. Man, wouldn’t it be hot to see the three of them together in some way? Maybe even have Colton Haynes join in, too?

Oh, didn’t you hear? Colton just signed an agreement with the CW for another season of Arrow.

Well, there you have it. A lot of tawdry gossip that probably doesn’t impact your life in any meaningful way. But that’s okay. We all need a little mindlessness sometimes.