We’re Gagging on InstaStud Nick Sandell!

Nick Sandell Facts

You’ve probably seen pictures of hunky model and personal trainer Nick Sandell on social media but what do you really know about him? For example – where is he from and what’s his story?

Given interest in this stud, GPB thought it might be cool to create a post that goes beyond his sexy photos with the goal of getting to know him better.

What follows are 5 quick facts on Nick Sandell you might now know. Are you ready? Let’s jump right in!



Birthday: August 9, 1993. New Hampshire

Height: 5’10

Body Type: Hands down jock!

Eye Color: Deep blue

Shoe Size: 11 inches

Zodiac Sign: Leo man

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Throwback Wednesday ™

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1. Studied exercise science at Manchester Community

Getting all buff doesn’t happen on accident. It requires knowledge of how the human body responds to physical activity. It makes sense that Nick studied exercise science at Manchester Community College in Connecticut.

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Photographer: @mattlian Location | NYC

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2. Underwear Model

It shouldn’t surprise you that Nick modeled underwear for Calvin Klein and several others. He’s one of the most frequently looked up personalities on the site Model Mayhem.

3. Fills out nicely

We don’t need to get all graphic here. What we will say is when you take a looksee at his photographs on Instagram, many show him filling out certain body parts in delicious, yummy ways.

4. He gets weird requests

In an interview appearing on the website “Observer”, he talked about weird requests he gets from adoring fans. One person asked him to release (read between the lines) into a pair of sox and send to him. Nick turned the offer down.

5. Super popular

He was voted the “most swiped right man” by People Magazine as well as the winner of the Today show’s “Hottest Man”. With 358,000 followers on Instagram (and growing) it’s easy to see why folks are interested in all things Sandell!

Main photo of Nick with pink background: Patrick Lentz Photography