Canadian Rapper Used His Parents House To Make An Adult Film

Parents House To Make An Adult Film

A Canadian rapper decided to make pornography in his parent’s house.

Josh “Socalled” Dolgin would be in major trouble if he were our son.

As the Canadian rapper told Vice, he highly respects and is also incredibly bored by pornography. To him, most porn looks the same and is uninspired. That said, there are a few porn creators, like Toby Ross, who interest Dolgin as a film enthusiast.

In order to honor that, Dolgin decided that he would make a porn flick of his own.

“I wanted this to be different,” said Dolgin to Vice. “I mean, there’s lots of hot images on Twitter that you can find very easily. But there’s no montage, no music, no artistry. It’s just some guys in the act. I wanted to make an indie porn, in the spirit of Toby Ross.”

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Conveniently, Dolgin met porn star River Wilson last year over gay dating app Grindr.

“We went out to a movie together and we really connected,” Dolgin said. “And we both felt like it’d be a great idea to make a porn movie together. Not just any porn movie, but one that looks beautiful, in which the images have some integrity. I think people who make pornography have a responsibility.”

After talking to Wilson about his idea, the two set out as co-producers of the film. But that’s not all. Wilson agreed to star in the film and they got German porn star Valentin Braun to join in as well.

The film, titled “The Housesitter,” sees Wilson and Braun enjoying a casual hookup while one of the men is housesitting. They meet, play a game of chess, and enjoy a romp in front of the fireplace. But, where exactly is this set location? The home of Dolgin’s parents.

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You see, Dolgin realized that his parents would be out of town for a month last year. He used that time to film the production. But did Dolgin ask his parents to use the set to film a porn film ahead of time?

“No, but they’re super cool about everything. I mean, I think it’s still sinking in with my dad, but he’ll deal with it and I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

Ok, we’ll be honest with you all. That part of the story sounds a little messed up to us (no matter how accepting Dolgin’s parents are), but the rest all sounds great.

When the gay porn industry is mostly made up of straight guys on camera and white men looking to sell unrealistic fantasies to other white men, it’s nice to see that Josh Dolgin and River Wilson are throwing their hats into the ring.

There’s no info right now about how you can see the upcoming project, but we’ll be sure to update you when that info’s out.

(h/t): Vice