Ariana Grande Joked About Her Fiance Pete Davidson’s Huge Piece

Everyone’s Wondering About Pete Davidson’s Huge Piece

Pop singer Ariana Grande says her fiance’s packing.

According to Perez Hilton, the “Dangerous Woman” singer responded to a fan’s tweet about her new song.

The fan made a cheeky joke about Grande’s fiance, SNL’s Pete Davidson, and his penis size. The fan asked how long Pete, the name  of Grande’s newest song, was. She then spotlighted the sexual innuendo with a second tweet.

Grande allegedly then decided to join in on the joke by implying that her boyfriend has a piece that’s 10 inches long.

If you’re wondering why Grande and the fan even made this joke, it’s because there’s been talk of Davidson’s piece for some time now.

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Instinct Magazine posted at the start of the month that gay porn star Blake Mitchell thought that Pete may have a pretty big peter.

Mitchell initially responded to a tweet by Grande with a joke about his own penis. A fan of his then responded saying that Davidson was packing himself. Mitchell then agreed.

This then started speculation online about just how big the comedian is down there. It didn’t help that he filmed a video with Queer Eye star Tan France and said that he can’t wear normal boxers.

With Blake Mitchell openly thinking it, Ariana Grande joking about it, and Pete Davidson himself alluding to it, we wish  we could all confirm just how big Pete Davidson really is.

What do you think? Are the rumors and jokes true?