5 Quiet Sex Positions That Won’t Wake Your Roommates

sexy gay couple

Just because you have a roommate doesn’t mean you can’t have fun

Most of us have own ideas about what makes us a star in the sack. If we were to follow what we see on adult videos, it would seem the louder, the better.

But not everyone likes making a bunch of noise. Or maybe more to the point, not everyone has the luxury of getting all loud, such as those of us who have roommates.

The good news is that keeping things quiet doesn’t mean you have to ditch the fun. In fact, checking the theatrics at the curb might even enhance the experience.

“Studies show, at the core, the best sex is about the connection between the people involved,” says LA Based sex coach, Henry Jones. “Being mindful of a roommate while sharing intimacy can help two people focus on one another in positive ways.”

Eye contact, focused breathing, and sensual touch are all essential elements of intimacy. And as it turns out, none of them require us to make much noise.

Here then are five gay sex positions to help dial up the fun and keep the volume down when you have a roommate.

1. Missionary

This old standby – missionary – can be a wonderful way to get it on without making much noise, so long as you make sure to slow things down.

Try grinding instead of thrusting. In this way, you avoid the distinctive “slap” that is a dead giveaway of you know what. And while it sometimes gets a bad rap, missionary also offers an extra perk for bottoms. “When you add close body movement to intercourse, you often get more anal stimulation,” says Jones.

2. Spoon insert

Are you a fan of gay spooning?  If the answer is yes, you wouldn’t be alone. A lot of guys enjoy cuddling. If you dig it, why not try spoon inserting?

Sometimes referred to as the King of “lazy Sunday sex positions” spooning is ideal for sex on the quieter side. Have your man lay on his side. Lube up and then snuggle up from behind.

You can then enter him without much thrusting in a very affectionate, stimulating way. Obviously, the guy you are with will need to be ready to go (meaning cleaned out).

3. Stand and enter

One of the most common causes of noisy sex is a squeaky bed. If you’re looking to stay quiet, think about getting it on outside the sheets.

Have your man station his palms against the wall. You can enter him from behind or crouch down and do some rimming. Should your man be a moaner, offer him a clean pair of socks to stuff in his mouth.

4. Floor squats

The name of this one gives it away. Lay your man on the floor. Lube up his sausage (or blow it up with your mouth) until he’s nice and firm.

Then, take some lube and get him nice and ready. The rest is easy. Crouch down on him and start bouncing.

Should your man be extra-large, consider using an anal numbing lube to help with pain. This can help cut down on yelling; something you don’t want to do with a roomie.

5. Classic 69 position

We’re 99% sure you know what this position is all about because it’s been around since forever.

But just in case you don’t.

The “69” is where two people align themselves so that each person’s mouth is near the other’s genitals, each simultaneously performing oral sex on the other.

When you think about this one, it’s obvious to see why quiet is the name of the game – both people’s mouths are occupied.