Check Out This Great Instagram Account Telling You To Quit Grindr

Quite Grindr

Meet the Instagram account looking to help you quit Grindr.

It’s no secret that while gay dating/hookup apps can help us find a quick lay, or maybe even a date or two, they also can be very detrimental to our mental and emotional health.

This isn’t true only with Grindr, but with all apps used for finding other gay men to fondle and befriend.

A recent study found that men who used dating apps like Tinder were more likely to have self-esteem problems and body issues (a fact we already knew years ago).

But, despite gay apps getting potentially worse, a lot of us go in cycles of deleting these apps and then returning to them later.

But one Instagram account says enough is enough.

Oops 😉 #quitgrindr

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The Instagram account called Quit Grindr, is aptly named to let us all know that we don’t need the gay app or any apps like it.

The idea behind the account is to send positive reinforcements regularly and to tell us that we are better than the app makes us believe and act.

As the account’s description states, “You didn’t come out of the closet to get stuck in a matchbox.”

And every post on the account reinforces that idea.

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If the answer is "No", then why are you still there? #quitgrindr

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Pretty much everyone in there. #quitgrindr Photo by artist JCriscitello

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A little reminder. Happy saturday everyone! #quitgrindr

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Artwork by 💙 #quitgrindr

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We're back! #quitgrindr

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Better be that one. Dont forget to check our blog! Link in bio ➡ #quitgrindr

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A place where you are just one more. Better #quitgrindr and all of them. 💙

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Worth it. #quitgrindr

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