Netflix Announced The Release Date Of Sense8’s Series Finale

Release Date Of Sense8’s Series Finale Revealed

Fans of the Netflix Sci-Fi show Sense8 will be pleased to hear that the release date of the latest installment in the series has just been announced. But then theyโ€™ll be saddened to remember that this will be the end of the series.

Last year, it was announced the Sci-Fi thriller and international phenomenon Sense8 was canceled after its second season. The show was hemorrhaging money, and it sadly wasnโ€™t gaining enough viewers to make all the international flights and production worth it.

That said, the cult following that that the show garnered was strong, and fans quickly stormed social media and email to share that they wanted more from the series (or at least a resounding conclusion).

Due to fever of the fans, Netflix later announced that they would allow a final installment in the series through a two hour season finale.

Now, it looks like that finale is right upon us, as Netflix announced the release date of the series ending just a few hours ago.

On twitter, Netflix shared that the series would be ending on June 8th. On top of that, it was later revealed that the series will be available in more than 20 languages.

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As you can probably imagine, the announcement of this final installment coming so soon both excited and depressed some of the fans. Then, of course, they shared their thoughts on the tweet which now has 23 thousand likes, 15 thousand retweets and a thousand comments.

Though, not all of the comments were excited about the end of the series. In fact, many asked for more.

Will you be watching the two hour series finale? Would you fight Netflix for a season three?ย Go tell your cluster and weโ€™ll all regroup on June 8.

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