Adam Rippon & Eric Radford Won Medals At 2018 Winter Olympics

Adam Rippon & Eric Radford Won Medals

Gay athletes are representing at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Two gay male athletes have competed already at Pyeongchang, South Korea, and both have walked away with a medal in their hands.

First, we have Adam Rippon who, along with Gus Kenworthy, has become the poster child of this year’s Winter Olympics, and of gay athletes everywhere.

Now, we’re happy to share the news that Rippon has won himself the title of Olympic Medalist.

Last night, Rippon put on a flawless performance along to the song “O” by Coldplay in the 2014 Ghost Stories album.

That said, Rippon unfortunately only got bronze because of technicalities.

Rippon made third behind Patrick Chan of Canada and Mikhail Kolyada of Russia. While both of the other men fell multiple times during their performances, Rippon didn’t fall at all. That said, their routines were technically more challenging while Rippon’s was not, so the other two got higher points for even trying.

Do you think that scoring was unfair? If you do, you’re not alone as several people shared their outrage on twitter. This includes Saturday Night Live’s Leslie Jones.

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But Rippon wasn’t the only openly gay athlete to get a medal recently. Canadian team figure skater Eric Radford represented his country and gay athletes well as he walked away with the gold.

Radford and his skating partner Meagan Duhamel scored 73 points to win the Team Free Skate while Russia took silver and the USA took bronze.

This makes Eric Radford the first openly gay man to win a gold medal at the Winter Olympics.

Congratulations to both athletes!