Russia’s Viral Election Video Is Pretty Homoerotic

Russia’s Viral Election Video Is Worth A Watch Or Two

Russia is really weird sometimes.

It’s not only getting closer to election season in the United States of America, but it’s getting closer to election time in Russia as well.

In order to get voters ready and out of their seats to vote, a new advertisement has been making the rounds, according to GayStarNews. Only, it’s pretty gay.

The ad shows two men discussing the upcoming September election. They are seen having this discussion all over. On a park bench, on a bus, and more.

Eventually, the scene shifts as the two men enter an apartment bedroom. They then begin to take their clothes off. The video ends as one may lies face down on the bed with his underwear still on and the other shutting the door.

Предвыборная агитация в Самаре

В соцсетях в Самарской области появился «вирусный» предвыборный ролик. Местные активисты предполагают, что ролик запущен специалистами по «черному пиару» из администрации области.В видеоролике два молодых человека ругают чиновников и заявляют о нежелании идти на выборы. Сюжет заканчивается неожиданно: молодые люди, оказавшись одни в квартире, начинают раздеваться, из чего зритель может сделать выводы, что оба они геи.#Самара #выборы2018 #агитация #дно #мненепох

Posted by Московский активист on Tuesday, August 7, 2018

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While the creator of the video is unknown, many believe it was the government. Now, the video has gone viral online and has been shared all over on Russian networks and sites.

While many find it bizarre for a number of reasons, some are offended by its content. Many say the video’s message is that people who don’t go out to vote are gay. This then sends the underlying message that LGBTQ people are lazy and irresponsible citizens.

As The Russian LGBT Network’s chair, Mikhail Tumasov, told GayStarNews.

“I regard this video as a new wave of using LGBTIQ people as some kind of antisocial irresponsible people, which once again shows the need to repeal the law of 2013, a similar practice at this level is the result of incendiary hatred of people under the “plausible” context.”

With Russia’s ban on “gay propaganda” and content, we have to wonder why these gay videos keep being created by the government and shared all over the Russian internet?

Sometimes, this country really needs to get its story straight.

h/t: GayStarNews

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