Ryan Mertz Yum Pics, Chris Marchant Drama, Post Cards to Voters


If it’s Monday, it means I am on the news desk. I’ll do my best to bring you a few stories from around the web that are directly or indirectly related gaydom.

I’ll start out with a few steamy photos of model and actor, Ryan Mertz. Then, I’ll touch on some drama involving the hot, gay violinist, Chris Marchant. Finally, I’ll talk about a way you can help in this year’s midterm elections.

Are you ready? Let’s jump right in!

ryan mertz

1. Ryan Mertz Full Frontal

Did you hear the news? Ryan Mertz and Kaelan Strouse apparently let it ALL hang out in the flick, Neighborhood Food Drive. According to IMDb, the movie came out in 2017.

Obviously, we can’t show the actual pictures here, but we can direct you to a place that has them. Just head on over to the good folks at the OMG Blog using this totally NSFW link. It’s worth it!

2. Chris Marchant Drama

You’ve heard of Chris Marchant, right? He’s the yummy violinist with a body that just won’t stop. In the past, we’ve written about him in the past when we explored 5 quick facts on Chris in this post.

Well, apparently there has been some drama with him involving a photograph that was snapped of him at a graveyard. Long story short, it was yanked from Instagram. You can read more about it by heading over to Queerty via this link.

3. Post Cards to Voters

We are getting super close to election time and a lot of people want to know how they can help. This is particularly true after recent events involving the elevation of someone to the Supreme Court that this blog was totally against (see post).

At any rate, if you want to help progressive candidates in this election that support LGBTQ folks, an excellent way to do this is by volunteering for Post Cards to Voters. A few of us have been doing it here and it feels great.

The best part is you can do this from home. Terrific for folks who live in safe “blue” districts and want to help churn out the vote in purple or even red areas.

Visit Post Cards to Voters here. Be sure to join their Facebook page too! They could really use your help!