10 Yummy Facts About Ryan Paevey Worth Knowing!

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General Hospital’s Ryan Paevey is an actor that makes our heart go pitter patter!

By: John Hollywood

If you are a fan of General Hospital, you’ve no doubt seen the hunky blue eyed actor who plays the part of Detective Nathan West. Not only is this man swoonworthy, he’s also a major sweetheart!

Given our love for various male celebs on this blog, we couldn’t help but do a post on Ryan. How could we not – have you seen this dude?

What follows are our 10 yummy facts about Ryan Paevey you might not know. At the end of this post, we’ve included a silly poll that lets you choose a fantasy date.

Are you ready? Let’s jump right in!

Ryan Paevey Gay Pop File

Birthday: September 24, 1984. Los Angeles

Height: 6’0

Shoe Size: 12 (rumored)

Eye Color: Aqua Blueish

Body Type: Wolfish Smooth

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Male

1. Started off as a model

Like many actors, Ryan got his start as a model. In fact, his page is still active on Model Mayhem. According to his bio, he started doing shoots back when he was in high school.

“I embrace the creative process, and ask a lot of myself.  I consider myself to be a laid back, easy-to-work with guy.  I work hard, but expect you to do the same; this is a fun job, but still a job.  I will never arrive late,” says Ryan on the site.

2. He likes the outdoors

Going by his online interviews, Ryan cares deeply about the environment. In an interview with the site She Knows, he shares the following:

“A cause close to my heart is the protection and preservation of nature, broad as that sounds… I am happiest in nature, and I try and instill some connection to it in others by sharing my adventures on various social media platforms. There’s a lot of beauty out there, and I hope I can find a way to inspire people to not only protect it, but get out there and enjoy it.”

3. He likes motorcycles

It turns out Ryan likes to channel his inner bad boy by riding on his motorcycle. In fact, he likes his bike so much that he nicknamed it “Lilith”.

But Ryan needs to be careful – because he’s already experienced one injury from a spill. Last July, while camping with friends, he injured his wrist while taking Lilith out for a spin. We just want to say this particular fact makes him extra yummy!

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4. He loves working out

If it isn’t already obvious, Ryan Paevey loves working out. What’s more, he’s not afraid of asking for help when he needs it. Check out this hideously hot Instagram vid that he posted.

5. Ideal first date

Ryan has talked a little about dating through online interviews. Ideally, he reveals to She Knows that he likes to keep first dates light. Here’s what shared:

“For the first date, keep it light, and try and see if you enjoy this person’s company and conversation,” Paevey explained. Topics to avoid: Politics and religion. “I actually try and avoid them on most of the other dates, too, as I feel like those two topics specifically cause the most strife, conversationally or otherwise.”

6. He’s been on more than G.H.

Sure, you love watching him on General Hospital but did you know he’s had other acting gigs? He sure has!

According to his IMDb file, Ryan’s appeared on The Client List, 4 Dead Girls and Unleashing Mr. Darcy. Plus, he’s got a new part where he plays Adlai Stevenson in a flick called Bogie and Bacall.

7. He doesn’t take bad pictures

Really – we had a difficult time choosing what pics to show for this post because pretty much all of Ryan’s photos are hot. Oh here is a pic of Ryan bending over that isn’t that great (yeah, right!).

8. He’s humble

When you look at Ryan’s social media accounts, particularly Instagram, you can see that he’s a very humble guy.

On the one year anniversary of his motorcycle accident, he remarked that he was happy to be alive.

9. Ryan supports LGBT people

Just go through his social media accounts and you will see a number of supportive messages about LGTB people. Here’s one when marriage became legal after the historic Supreme Court ruling.

He even showed concerns for his friends going to LA Pride this past year when a man was arrested with a car full of weapons. Here is his Tweet.

And it’s worth noting he was all over Twitter helping people to get information on how to give blood and help after Orlando.

10. He looks great with a beard or without

Ryan is one of those special guys that can pull of a hot look with or without a beard. Just for the record, we kind of prefer him with facial hair. He’s just more wolfish!

And by the by – OMG WOOF Ryan with three yummy cherries on top!

Ryan Paevey fantasy date poll

Ok just for chips and giggles, we’re going to post a poll below for you to vote in. Remember, you only get to pick once so make your choice wisely!

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