Ryan Phillippe’s Muscle Pic, Rugby Team Rainbows, Tree Man

It’s time for a quick run through of some of the stories that have been floating around gaydom. We will start with a yumtastic picture of Ryan Phillipe and then move on to a story about Rugby Team Rainbows. Finally, we’ll talk a bit about “Tree Man”.


Let’s start with shooter star and all-around stud, Ryan Phillippe. I can only speak for myself when I say that I am an admitted Ryan junkie. At least five (dozen) times a week, I find myself checking out his Instagram account.

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Here’s one of his most recent pictures. Yep, it if looks like he has a bloody nose and a glove on, you have it right.

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fite klubb

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What the picture is all about, we don’t really know but it may be connected to his television show, Shooter. Season 3 starts on June 21.

Doesn’t he look ridiculously hot?

Diversity is Strength

We are proud to team up with AIG Rugby as we tackle discrimination together! #DiversityIsStrength 🇳🇿🏉

Posted by All Blacks on Sunday, April 22, 2018

Rugby Team Rainbows

So, we ran across a post over on Hornet Stories that was kind of cool. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I’m just going to share what appears on their blog: “But the latest news on the rugby front is that New Zealand’s national rugby union team the All Blacks and its female-counterpart the Black Ferns are publicly opposing discrimination with stylish new rainbow jerseys that appear black but reveal colors of the rainbow whenever they’re tugged on.”

And here is the thing – the New Zealand’s rugby team’s actions come at a time when Australian footballer Israel Folau has been popping off his mouth about not being anti-gay.

We have to say the jerseys look amazing. It would be great if more rugby teams did something like this, you know? Even better if we saw more of it in the United States!

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Double tap if you think I should get a truck (or a burger)

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Tree Man – Danny Jones

You’ve heard of “Tree Man” right? He’s the 6’7 fitness STUD who has become a massive hit on Instagram. His name is Danny Jones and we’ve explored his background in the past.

Now a little birdie told us he may have experienced a photo-leak. While we can’t post the imagery here, we can tell you where it might be. Just head on over to C and C blog and you should bump into it. He’s hard to miss!


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