I Dreamed My Same-Sex Cousin Kissed Me Like a Stud!

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Kissing Cousin Dreams

“Please don’t think I’m a nut-job because I’m not. It’s just I don’t know where else to turn. Long story short, I had a dream the other night that my cousin kissed me.

And I’m not talking about an innocent peck on the cheek.

It was more like a full on DEEP man-kiss. He just walked right up to me, nodded his head as if to say, “What’s up?” and did it.

In a flash, we were making out like crazy. I can still remember feeling his erection through his jeans!

The next thing I knew, I suddenly woke up. Is it wrong that I had this dream? Does it mean I have a crush on my cousin? The guy is married with kids. Never once did I get a gay vibe off him.

I’m freaked out and turned on, all at the same time. Now, I’m nervous about seeing him at family events. Any thoughts?”

– Paul in Austin, TX (26)

Hi, Paul,

You wouldn’t be the first person to ever have this sort of dream. In fact, depending upon the individual, kissing dreams that include extended family members, like cousins and uncles, aren’t super unusual.

They can happen to a person regardless of sexual orientation or gender. I just want to put that out there for the benefit of readers.

OK – on to your dream.

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The best place to start is by asking the obvious… is there any attraction to your cousin in real life? If so, then this dream could simply be a safe way for you to explore that fantasy.

If not, then your dream may mean that you and your cousin connected on some level recently. Kissing in dreams often mirrors some form of communication in real life.

Did you and your cousin have a deep or meaningful conversation around the time of this dream? If so, was there a substantive discussion about anything family related?

Should the answer be yes, think of your dream as a kind of a confirmation from your subconscious that whatever you two shared was powerful.

Naughty cousin dreams can also mean there is a particular quality he possesses that you need to “embrace” as your own.

What’s he like? Is he a smooth talker or a bad boy? Does he make his points well? Is he the black sheep of the family?

Almost always, dreams about kissing are related to communication. When the imagery contains material about people we know, there’s usually a merging dynamic at play.

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What aspects of your cousin do you wish to adopt into your own persona? Just something to reflect upon.

I hope this helped. Always remember that dreams can’t be taken literally. Instead, they act as metaphors for various life themes.

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