Science Says You Can Increase Your Load Through Moderate Alcohol Use

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Can alcohol help you to have more voluminous explosions?

Are you hoping to increase the size of your load? Trying to squeeze out more during times of intimacy? Hunting around for practical solutions?

Well, wait no more! That’s because according to a new study appearing in the Journal of Andrology, having a few drinks a week may help you to achieve a thicker, more voluminous release!

Now before we dive too far into this topic, it’s important to state that too much alcohol can have all sorts of nasty consequences for both mind and body. For example, we know that when overdone, booze can make you feel crappy, depress your mood, and even cause addiction.

That said, let’s talk about this study.

Researchers observed 323 men over a two-year period and kept in touch with them to assess how many drinks they had per week.

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To help better understand their drinking behaviors, the guys were grouped into four categories. 1) Men who were sober 2) Guys who enjoyed one to three drinks per week 3) Men who had four to seven a week and 4) Men who had eight or more drinks.

So, what were the results? Well, according to the findings, the men who had four to seven drinks per week experienced higher semen volume (and sperm count) when compared to the other groups.

Going by what they said over at Men’s Health, it also appears these same men had an increase in fertility counts. That’s kind of interesting, don’t you think?

There are a few catches with this study that need to be pointed out. To begin with, the survey results were obtained through the process of self-reporting. This is problematic because when it comes to alcohol use, a lot of people lie about how much they really drink.

Another issues is that other studies on this topic have suggest some forms of alcohol use can actually lower sperm count and volume. An example can be found in this Medical News Daily post.

If you are looking to increase the volume of your load through natural means, the current body of research suggests it may be helpful to eat more fish and certain types of citrus fruits. Oysters apparently are particularly helpful!

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Still, if you are a moderate drinker, this could be good news when it comes time to release. Bottoms up!