We’re Excited For “Crazy Rich Asians’s” Sexy Chris Pang

“Crazy Rich Asians’s” Sexy Chris Pang

We have yet another reason to be excited for the upcoming Crazy Rich Asians movie and his name is Chris Pang.

In Crazy Rich Asians, which comes out in U.S. theaters on August 15, Pang plays Colin Khoo. Khoo is the best friend and cousin of male lead Nick (played by Henry Golding). On top of that, Colin Khoo is the black sheep/screw-up of the family.

That said, Chris Pang is seeing nothing but success for himself as the film with an all-Asian cast, the first in 25 years, gets ready to release. And in it, Pang is being presented as a shirtless heartthrob in his own right.

As for how Chris Pang got himself ready to be a shirtless hottie on the silver screen, he says it all started when he was a schoolkid.

“All of the Caucasian kids in my class were generally larger than me. They had their growth spurts earlier,” Pang, 33, told MensHealth.com. “I was a small kid. When it came time to meet girls and stuff, I felt like a boy, rather than a man.”

That insecurity on the inside ended up affecting his appearance on the outside as Pang walked around slouching.

“You know, I used to hunch a lot. My dad used to always walk past me and push my shoulders back to straighten my back,” he confessed. “And I think going to the gym not only strengthened the muscles to help me with my posture, but also gave me the confidence to stand tall.”

Eventually, Chris Pang started exercising. He first realized that his body had a tough time gaining muscle. As such, he had to work extra hard to gain the muscle mass that he has today. But all of that work has paid off in not only his personal life, but his professional one as well.

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And its not just Pang who’s going to be showing off his body in the upcoming film. The creative staff behind the camera made sure that the men were film as the sexy and charming men that they deserve to be seen as.

“I think it’s important for Asian men to get portrayed that way,” said co-screenwriter Adele Lim to MensHealth.com.

And Pang agreed by saying:

“When I was growing up, the Asian stereotype was you’re either a martial artist who could kick ass but never got the girl, or you were some nerdy math genius who played Ping-Pong. As a kid, you feel second-rate and you feel lesser about yourself. You have a complex about your self-image, because of what you’re taught in the media.”

“I want to have pride in the way that I look and the way that I stand,” he added.

Chris Pang will now surely become the representation he needed when he was younger, and will act as the charming man that young Asian kids will look up to now.

Congratulations to Chris Pang on this culmination of his life’s effort. Make sure to go support that work by seeing Crazy Rich Asians when it premieres in the U.S. on August 15 and releases globally afterwards.

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h/t: Men’s Health

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