I Dreamed I Slept with a Hot Merman!

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Dreams about Mermen

The other night, I had a bizarre dream. After watching this video of a little girl getting snatched by a giant seal, I dozed off to sleep.

That’s when I suddenly found myself in the ocean, being chased by this huge shark! Just as he was about to get me, this super hot merman appeared out of nowhere – like freaking Aquaman!

After grabbing me by the hand, he swam us away at light speed to some other place. On the way, he telepathically communicated to me that his name was Cole.

Before I knew it, we were making out under the water. At some point, we went up to surface level and climbed onto a huge rock.

There was this crazy bond between us that I can’t explain. The next thing I knew, he was topping me with his massive fin!

While we made out, he seeded me with multiple explosions. Then, Cole got off me, dived into the water and swam away.

WTF was that dream all about?

– Kenny (29)

Dr. John Responds:

Hi, Kenny,

You certainly had an interesting dream. I’ll do my level best to unpack all that you shared and provide an interpretation.

But before we continue, I’m posting a video up of that girl you mentioned who got pulled into the water by the seal.

This will provide a frame of reference for readers.

It sounds like what happened was a carry-over effect from reality into your dreamscape. This is a very common experience where the subconscious borrows from the here and now and uses it as a backdrop for projection.

[“I dreamed I got topped by hot leprechauns”]

You mentioned that your dream began with a shark on your tail.

Let’s pause for a moment and look at that.

Chasing dreams happen to all of us. They speak to deeply held fears about situations in which we feel we have no control. I’m wondering if there is something happening in your life right now that mirrors this symbolism?

Dreams About Water

In dreams, water represents the unconscious self. When a person dreams about being underwater, it’s usually symbolic of feeling overwhelmed.

In this case, you were in the ocean, presumably at a depth where sharks could swim. This makes me curious about your emotional state.

[Dreams about hot threesomes]

Do you currently feel burdened by something? Did you break up with a boyfriend, lose a job or experience a health threat?

Just something to think about.


Dream Meaning: Sharks

Almost always, dreams containing sharks are about fear and anxiety. In fact, sharks represent worries about safety.

I can’t help but see a connection between being chased, the water and the shark. What issues in your life do you think the trio speak to?

Let’s move on now to being rescued all that followed.

Dreams about Merman

You mentioned a merman suddenly appeared and took you to safety.

But what do mermen in dreams mean?

First, mermen have historically been depicted as mythical creatures that live in the ocean. They are the masculine version of mermaids.

In dream-speak, mermen symbolize mysticism, fantasy and other worldly. Almost always supportive and friendly, these creatures appear in dreams to offer guidance.

You mentioned his name was Cole and that he telepathically communicated. Reflecting upon his face, did he seem familiar?

Think hard.

Additionally, you wrote that after emerging from the water, the both of you ended up on a rock. There, he deposited his essence into you.

I’m going to pause for a moment and say there exists a mythical farce about mermen not having genitals. In ancient Greek and Roman mythology, they did. It is only a contemporary urban legend that suggests they don’t.

That shared, dreams of this kind involving the exchange of bodily fluids through an orifice usually speak to new beginnings and merging.

The way you described it, it sounded like the two of you shared a bond. While you didn’t come right out and say it, it seems like you know him. Is that a fair assumption?

If the answer is yes, who might this person by?


Regardless of the answer, his seminal deposit is an attempt to communicate something to you. We can intuit compassion and love from what you described, but what else?

Whenever dream content holds imagery about insertion, it’s about infusing knowledge. And that’s the question, what insight was Cole imparting to you?

I encourage you to meditate on your dream. It seems like there is a part of you living with deep fear about something.

Your mind could be trying to tell you things will be fine and perhaps reach out for help if needed. Be sure to keep us in the loop. 🙂

Dr. John is a licensed psychotherapist and contributor to GPB. He specializes in men’s issues. Visit his profile to learn more.

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