Photos Of Hot Guys Covered In Flowers To Celebrate Spring

Why Do We Feel Thirstier In Spring?

Spring is a time of awakening. The flowers bloom, the grass starts to grow again and men wear tank tops and short shorts. Woof!

Well, we’re all a bunch of mammals and a change of the seasons brings more with it than the sunshine. Yep, spring boosts sexual desire. As soon as the weather gets warmer, we all get hornier. 

To help you celebrate this spring fever, we gathered several photographs that perfectly capture men’s beauty.

Thank us later!

Now that the sun is out and spring is here, you’re definitely feeling thirsty. You’ve ditched your winter coat and all those layers and you are ready to show some skin. This makes it the perfect time of year to give yourself a little makeover because you’re feeling good, you’re feeling attractive, and you’re feeling in the mood for love or hook-ups. And there’s no doubt people are noticing.

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Here are the real reasons spring affects us all in such a fervent way:

1. More Sunlight, More Energy

As the days grow longer, we are exposed to more sunlight. One of the effects of getting more sunlight is that it signals the body to produce less melatonin, the chemical that tells our bodies to go to sleep. When there is less of the chemical being produced, we have more energy.

All of that pent-up energy is, well, pent-up energy. If we don’t find a way to release it, we feel like we will explode. After a long, cold winter we all deserve to have some energy-releasing fun time.

2. More Social

All of the sunlight, warm air and energy makes us want to go out and be more social. Even if we’re not meeting our friends, we go out to markets, outdoor cafés and parks. You will be around other people and strike up conversations because everyone is feeling the same spring fever that you are experiencing.

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3. Less Stress

One of the other side effects of spring fever is distraction and daydreaming. When we are distracted by all of the happy-happy-joy-joy feelings going on around us, we aren’t worrying about our problems.

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