Straight Guy (Sorta) Falls for Another “Straight” Man

two straight guys kissing

Can two guys who mostly live a straight life hookup with one another and still be straight?

A man who identifies as “mostly straight” on Reddit is having some serious romance issues. He’s developed feelings for another man, who also happens to be “straight” (OK maybe heteroflexible).

He starts off with the following in his post:

“I used to identify myself as a heterosexual because I’ve only had dated girls in the past, some of them were even serious but just didn’t work out. but this might be changing.”

He goes on to state:

“So, I met this guy, he’s a friend of a friend. he’s a cool, attractive, laid back, funny guy. we’ve hung out several times and he’s basically become a member in our circle.

One night, we decided to go to a bar, have a drink and just having fun. turned out we had it too much and ended up drunk, my and this guy’s places were in the same route so we decided to call for just one taxi.

I don’t really remember what exactly happened, but I remembered he started getting touchy and I reciprocated, next thing I knew I woke up in his bed naked. surprisingly, none of us freaked out.”

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The poster continues to explain his dilemma:

“Now I feel like I’m getting emotionally attached to him, a random text from him can make my day and we text all the time, even now lol. He keeps me happy just being around. I tried to look at gay porn, but it just doesn’t excite me, but it’s all different when it comes to this guy.”

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But the interesting part of his discussion is the following, which many readers of this blog and others may be able to relate to:

“This thing isn’t without a problem though. I live in a country where homosexuality is far from being accepted (it’s not illegal, just looked down upon). We’ve done all this secretly [sic: had sex with other men] if our friends found out. I’m 99% sure, we would lose them.”

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The response from the Gay Bros Reddit community has been insightful. Others seem to be random.

Here are a few:

“I’m just not sure how to ask him about this? even if this leads to something more, I’m sure we’ll take things slow since both of us are very new to this.”

Another person adds: “You can’t help who you care about and who you fall for. You are human and it doesn’t matter who you like/Love.” And then he adds: “As long as you are happy. You could ask him what he sees the situation becoming/ where he sees it going.”

One person offered the following response, which may be the stuff of wishful thinking:” I know you said you live in a place where it’s not illegal but not usual.”

He then shares:

“That was most of the western world 30 years ago. People got together, loved each other and kept it discreet and on the down low. Life is about living. Just go with what makes you and him happy.”

And there is this:

“Yeah. Screw the labels. It sounds like it’s been a natural process. And now you, naturally, want to make it more official. Go for it!”

Do you have any bits of advice for this man? What should he do?

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