Straight Guy Photos: 5 Best Blogs Exposed to Get Your Amateur Thirst On!

straight guy photos

Straight guy photos are all the rage

If you are like a lot of people, you probably enjoy checking out pics of hot, muscled up men. We certainly do! What’s particularly fun to look at are so called straight guy photos, meaning sites that bill the men appearing on them as “straight”.

And we’re here to tell you some of the pictures appearing on those blogs leave absolutely nothing to the imagination!

After doing some research and speaking to a few GPB readers, we decided to compile a list of the 5 best websites featuring the ever popular “straight guy photos”.

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Before we continue, it’s important to state that we have no way of knowing the sexual orientation of the men featured on these sites. In fact, if we had to guess, we’d say many of the gents you’ll see are either bi or full on gay.

But one thing we do know is that all of the listed sites below in some way play up the heterosexual card. Is it an illusion? Perhaps. Are some of the guys hetero? You bet!



We know from clinical research that men who wish to share their private pics/vids with others do so because they get a thrilling rush from putting on a show – an activity that is devoid of sexual orientation. Body builders do it all the time!

FYI: The reason straight guy photo blogs are so popular isn’t hard to figure out. Curiosity, sprinkled with pinches of voyeurism and fantasy, serve as powerful digital aphrodisiacs.

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OK, now that we have that out of the way, let’s take a look at the 5 best straight guy photo blogs on the web! Oh, and it goes without saying every single link listed below is NSFW so if you decide to visit, be mindful of where you access.

For each listing appearing after the description, click the hyperlink text. When you get to the initial landing page, click “Proceed to this site” to be transported to your final destination.

Straight guy photos: 5 best blogs

1. Snapchat Hot Straight Guys

What a fun site! This Tumblr page is filled with guys doing cute poses with many who are muscled up. Lots of mirror pics and even some muscle worship.

You’ll also find snapchat videos that are revealing to say the least.

What we like about this particular blog are the number of amateur vids and fun, goofy snapshots.

Straight guy photos site 1 NSFW link

2. Dirty Straight Guys

If you are into amateur pictures and video, you will love Dirty Straight Guys. This Tumblr page is loaded with men from a variety of places that span the globe.

Many are completely NSFW. Some are as G rated as you can get. All are hot.

One reader shared with us that some imagery on this site has men getting it on with other men. So can they really be straight? That’s up to you to decide.

Straight guy photos site 2 NSFW link

3. Straight Guy Photos

We love this website because many of the pics are obviously taken by guys in their natural environments.

Here, you will find a variety of “straight” otters, wolves and bears that are sure to give you hours of pure joy.

Some of what you will see are still pics. Others show movement in various ways. Again, this is not the type of site you want to visit while at work.

Straight guys NSFW link 3

4. Straight Guy Galleries  

This particular site houses entire photo montages under the label of “Straight Guy Galleries”. Think of this as a visual mosaic fantasy destination.

We looked through many of the images and noticed there was a strong Twink vibe going on. And to be sure, many of the straight guy photos shared on the blog are anything but “straight”.

One thing we need to say is that you will see a swath of thumbnails when you visit the landing page. Some will allow you to click on the person and see a variety of pics featuring that same man. Others want you to join a membership.

Just a little something to keep in mind.

Straight guys NSFW link 4

5. Jackaroo Boy

This is an interesting and revealing website to be sure. When you visit this Tumblr destination, you are going to be shocked at the wide variety of so called straight guys on display with several of them revealing just ridiculously large anatomy!

It seems like many of the dudes who appear on the blog are Aussies (Yum!)

There also is a strong wolf and otter vibe going on. Not sure what that’s all about but it most certainly is hot!

Probably best to view this one in the privacy of your home.

Click NSFW Link to Visit

Straight Guy Photos Wrap Up

In truth, the imagery you see on many of the sites listed here and around the Internet use words and labels that play into fantasies.

There’s nothing wrong with this. This is why adult video with straight to gay storylines are so popular among LGBTQ audiences. In truth, labels can stimulate subconscious fantasy and create opportunities for growth.

At least that’s what Sigmund Freud believed.

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