Straight College Jocks Love to Spoon: Don’t Care About Erections (Study)

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Not only do they like to spoon, they also could care less if they pop wood when cuddling. Some even grab.

A somewhat recent study out of the UK reveals that straight college jocks really love to snuggle, spoon and cuddle with one another. Not only that – many don’t care if are erect when it happens.

Behavioral researchers from the University of Winchester and Durham University set out to find out how young, heterosexual athletes felt about tactile interactions with other men.

Using a small sample size of 40 students between the ages of 18-19 years old, the investigators conducted in-depth, structured, qualitative interviews to get to the answers.

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All of the athlete participants self-identified as straight, with demographic information suggesting most were middle class. Interviews were conducted in private rooms and recorded by the principle investigators.

Highlights from the Straight Boys Cuddling Study:

  • 39 of the 40 male athletes revealed they had slept in the same bed at least once with another male student.
  • A majority suggested they hopped into the sack with a buddy when they were “piss drunk” per the research narrative.
  • All 40 participants said sharing a bed with another man was “normal” to them.
  • 37 of the athletes shared the two main locations they spoon and cuddle is in the bed and on the couch.
  • Most of the cuddling occurred with nothing on but underwear.

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Spooning, Straight Men and Erections

Perhaps more revealing in this study is the information pertaining to spooning, cuddling and getting an erection.

Because many of the athletes stripped down to their skivvies before pulling one of their jock buddies close, researchers wanted to know what their attitudes were if someone popped wood.

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One participant named Sam said the following: “No. There are no worries about boners. I mean, of course you get them every morning, [but] it’s not a problem.”

Another jock named Jarrett said, ‘‘I’ve woken up with one before. We all have. If we’re fully awake, then we’ll banter about it.”

The researchers also wanted to know if there were any limitations to the touching – were there things that went too far?

Here is what Stephen had to say: ‘‘Never! Sometimes you grab his c*ck, sort of as a joke, particularly if he’s got a semi going.”

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straight boys spoon and cuddle on train
Straight boys love spooning!

The study’s investigators, Eric Anderson and Mark McCormack from University of Winchester and Durham University respectively point out:

“It is also noticeable how several participants use their hangover, and thus high alcohol consumption, when discussing their erection.”

The observations from Anderson and McCormack are in line with a newer phenomenon on the cultural front called heteroflexibility, which is the phenomenon whereby an otherwise “straight” man will engage in something deemed homosexual and base the behavior on substance use.

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By: Clayton Braxton

Photo Credit: Guys Cuddling Tumblr