A Chinese Teen Had Surgery After Putting A USB Cable Inside Himself

Surgery After Putting A USB Cable Inside Himself

A teenage boy had to go through surgery after he stuck an Apple USB cable down his penis.

Singapore’s Strait Times shares that a thirteen-year-old boy from China’s Heilongjiang province was taken to the hospital last month.

The Heilongjiang Metropolis Channel in China also reports that the boy decided “out of curiosity” to cut off one side of a USB connector, which was 10-centimeters (nearly four inches) long, and insert it into his urethra.

Not only did he insert the cord inside himself, but he inserted it long enough to reach his bladder. The cord then somehow knotted up while it was inside the boy. Because of that, the cord caused blood to appear in his urine, said doctors.

“From the X-ray, we can see a dead knot hence he could not pull it out himself,” Dr. Xu Liyan told the Heilongjiang Metropolis Channel.

The boy was then transferred to Harbin Children’s Hospital. Doctors first tried to pull out the cable using lubricant, but were incapable of doing it. Afterwards, they then decided to operate on him.

While reports are scarce on how the boy is doing now, we do know that he was later discharged from the hospital. With that knowledge, we hope that he’s doing well.

If you want to see (censored) medical photos of the “medical wonder,” you can click here.

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This isn’t the first time that a Chinese man has stuck a cord up his penis. As Men’s Health reported last year, a Chinese man inserted 15 sewing needles into his penis over the course of a year. Doctors then had to spend 90 minutes removing the needles, which also caused blood to appear in the man’s urine.

Then earlier in 2016, another Chinese man inserted a chopstick into his penis because he thought his urethra was broken. This, of course, led to surgery to remove the object.

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