Survivor Stud Photo Leak, Derek Theler Yummed Out, Musician Raped

derek theler

A trio of gossip

If you are reading this piece, it means I have been blessed with your presence as I bring to you some quick gossip from different sources.

Yep, that’s right. I am on the news desk this morning and charged with dishing out the tea. Below you will find three select pieces that are sure to grab your attention.

1. Survivor Stud

Are you a fan of the Show Survivor? How about handsome Broadway stars that go by the name of Reed Kelly? Well guess what – his alleged (delish) yum pictures have somehow leaked out onto the web.

And you know what? If they are him, it’s all about woof!

To check out the goodies, head on over to the OMG Blog to see what’s up using this completely not safe for workplace link.

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2. Derek Theler Yummed Out

You’ve seen Derek Theler before, right? He’s the super-hot stud that starred on the television show, Baby Daddy. He also used to be on another popular series, The Hills.

Well, the 6’5 stud can be seen working out and doing his abs in a few select photos. If you want to see them, click your heels together three times and then tap this link for a visit to the Cocktails Blog.

3. Classical Singer Drugged and Raped

Sexual assault is a terrible thing and something we’ve written about a number of times on this blog. For example, our piece that shares the tale of a man being group assaulted in jail by thugs.

Well, sadly there appears to be a case of a terrible rape involving a classical musician. On Instinct, you’ll read about how this person was drug and then violated.

To learn more, just visit this link which will take you to the story. Again, terrible.