Can Swallowing Milk From a Muscle Jock Make You Smarter?

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New Scientific report makes us wonder

So, hey man – check it out. There’s this new study that’s really is kind of cool. It involves sperm, exercise, and intelligence. Are you with me so far?

Long story short, a team of scientists studied a group of twin mice to assess how changes in their environment might impact intelligence.

Here’s what went down.

After the mice reached adulthood, they divided up the furry little creatures, separating them into two groups. One group got physical activity (plus mental stimulation) and the other, nada.

For the group that got to exercise, they were placed in cages containing workout wheels (kind of like treadmills for mice). Additionally, cute games and toys were made available – gadgets designed to increase cognitive stimulation.

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As you can imagine, the non-workout mice basically got nothing. Kind of boring, right?

At any rate –

swallow man nut

After the tenth week of the study, scientists ran tests on both groups. What they discovered was that the mice who had been exercising made stronger neuronal connections – and had better cognitive functioning – than the mice who had been sedentary.

But wait – there is more.

Investigators realized that the offspring (babies) of the stimulated mice also learned faster and had better memories than the mice with parents that had been inactive.

“Exercise changes the brains and sperm of male animals in ways that later affect the brains and thinking skills of their offspring,” according to information appearing about the study in the NYT.

Translation: Males who exercise positively impact their sperm, thereby making smarter kids possible.

Now, this got us to thinking – does this also mean that if you swallow the nut of a muscle-jock, their manjuice will make you smarter?

Hey, it’s not that farfetched of an idea. According to the research appearing in The Cell, that white splooge from exercised mice contains smart RNA; the very thing that plays a big role in coding, decoding, regulating and expressing genes in mammals (hey, that’s us!).

I don’t know about you but I’m completely down with finding out. The next opportunity I get, I’m going on a suck-fest to chug down some muscle-milk baby from a HOT jock!