Series Creators Confirm The Bad Boy Characters Are Gay & Single (+ A New Video!)

The Bad Boy Characters Are Gay & Single (Future Romance?)

The Bad boy series is back with another hilarious video.

Back in May, we introduced readers to the Bad Boy short film series. The series follows a young man named Mack (played by Tony Harth) as he forces his way into the life of a man named Scott (played by Artie O’Daly).

The first episode saw Scott interviewing Mack before taking out his daughter Jessica. The video saw Scott being very worried and alert around Mack, which led to a hilarious twist.

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The second video then saw the two back at it again. This time, Mack had to get a feeling off his chest. He had to share a secret that he felt needed to come out.

“I go around every day and people think I’m a certain way, but inside I’m something else,” Mack tells Scott. “I don’t know how long I can keep the secret.”

“Just know whatever it is, it’s okay,” Scott promises.

But trust us, Mack’s confession is definitely not what you’re thinking.

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Now, a new video has arrived to add onto the ongoing series. This time, Mack, who has decided that Scott is his daddy, has come with a request. He asked his new found friend to pretend to be his father for a probation officer, played by the hilarious Alina Bock.

If you watched all that and thought, “But are the two men dating?” Sadly, not. But, they could be in the future.

In the comments of the most recent video, one person asked if Mack and Scott were dating. The official YouTube channel for the Bad Boy series responded by saying:

“Mack has decided that Scott is his “daddy”, and Scott is assuming the role more and more even when he says he doesn’t want to. They’ve never hooked up, but they’re both gay and single. With each short, I’m trying to deepen and complicate their relationship. And there’ll be several more “Bad Boy” shorts to see what comes of that. Hope that helps!”

We’re happy to hear that the bad boy characters are gay, single, and will get closer (whether that be platonically or romantically). We look forward to more videos to find out!

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