Sorry Lesbians – Thor Belongs to Gay Men!

He’s already spoken for.

Did you hear the news? Thor, apparently, is a lesbian icon. Yep, that’s the word – well, at least according to a story appearing on Pink News.

Now first, we just want to say that it is pretty cool our lesbian sisters view this hunk as an ally in our collective battle against anti-LGBTQ forces.

And Marvel absolutely deserves all of the criticism it has received for being reticent to feature any LGBT characters. Goodness knows that long ago, we reached a point in time where this should have happened.

But the notion that Thor is a lesbian icon merely because a current gap exists in the gay-o-sphere for lesbians misses the mark. You may be wondering why?

It’s simple.

Thor has already been claimed by gay men.

Not only that – he also happens to be [for many of us] our fantasy husband!

It’s not like most of the gay male focused blogs haven’t been slobbering over him since forever. Shoot, we’ve done our own lip-licking over here … with ridiculous posts that imagine him getting it on with Captain America (Chris Evans) (visit this link).

Speaking of Evans – y’all can’t have him either. We’ve had his hotness licked … err, we’ve had his yumminess pegged as an icon for eons too.

Going back to Thor – please watch him in his movies. It’s clear he has had many bromances over the years. For example, can anyone deny the obvious (and hot) thing he’s had going on with his muscle-buddy, The Hulk?

And do we really need to go into how Thor and Captain America are constantly hanging on one another in the films, regularly saving each another from certain doom.

Dear lesbian sisters, we love you. We really do. But you can’t have Thor as your icon. He’s also not sharable. He’s ours!

PS: We’re calling dibs on Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) too!