Tom Daley Flashes His Hot Bum in His Latest Video

tom daley abs muscles

The British Olympian diver shows off more than we were expecting.

Tom Daley is one of the biggest names in world diving and one of the most popular sportsmen in Great Britain having won medals at every level of the sport including gold at the World Championships in 2009, 2015 and 2017 and bronze at both the London and Rio Olympics. He is also a famous YouTuber with more than 555k subscribers. In 2013, he became one of many celebrities who have come out of the closet, posting an emotional video on his YouTube channel.

Mr. Daley in his latest vlog takes us together on his training camp in Austin, Texas and shows us what he got up to on his first week out there. Although he is not competing in the Winter Olympics in South Korea (as they don’t have an outdoor diving competition), Tom still reminded us just how sexy and adorable he is with his video. Check out the video below.  It starts at 11:14! 

Check out this [NSFW] gif from GayTimes with Tom flashing his butt.

The British Olympian – who often goes shirtless because, duh, his a diver – showed off once again his toned body and his sense of humour. In the video, you can also see him being cute and funny while hanging out with two friends. Tom often finds things amusing and loves spreading joy throughout the digital world.

He’s funny, he’s cute, he’s hot, he’s got the whole package! Tom Daley manages to look adorable, handsome, and hot, all at once.

Be sure to tune in next week for the rest of his training camp! Maybe we’ll get to see more of his bubble butt booty.

As Tom just can’t seem to keep his clothes on these days, we’ve also gathered together the best snaps of him looking sexy AF.


Can’t wait to see what he rocks at the 2020 games, but Tom… keep posting these.  It isn’t a problem.

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