5 Ways Trump Just Put the World on a Fast Track to Mass Extinction

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The Paris Accords Mattered

Watching Donald Trump announce today that he was summarily pulling the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement was simply disgusting.

Seriously – it was and there is no way we are going try and sugar coat that.

Sadly, there are people who do not realize this agreement was one of the earth’s best chances at getting global warming under control. As the New York Times pointed out, nearly all nations on this planet signed the pact in 2015.

The goal of the agreement was simple; to work as a planetary society to lower greenhouse gasses and carbon emissions.

We already know from scientific research that if the world’s carbon emissions continue increasing, atmospheric temperatures will continue to explode.

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The planet won’t just be hotter, but it will also suffer from rising sea levels, more powerful storms, droughts that lead to food shortages and other extreme conditions.

And folks if that goes on long enough, you end up with a planet like Venus; stripped of its oceans and forever trapped in a blazing, uninhabitable swirl of sulfuric gas.

If you don’t believe in Global warming and think it is a bunch of junk (apparently  Mr. Trump does) you need only look at the research showing 2016 as the hottest year on record for the planet.

Here are 5 ways Donald Trump just put the earth on a fast track to extinction because of his  ignorant, misinformed decision.


1. Water Evaporation

It’s simple – without water, there can be no life. Many do not realize this but h20 is a non-renewable resource. Once it is gone, it’s gone forever.

By yanking America out of the climate agreement, Mr. Trump gives big polluters more power to burn dangerous carbon monoxide gasses that literally eat at our atmosphere. Over the course of time, global warming causes water to evaporate.

Without a protective atmosphere encasing the planet, that water escapes into space. And just like that – we’re gone.

This Pika is almost extinct Credit: Business Journal

2. Accelerated Animal Extinction

Did you know that each year, our planet is losing more and more species? It’s true. According to public reporting, there are already 12 types of animals that are near extinct.

These include the Amur Leopard, the Borneo Orangutans and the ILI Pika, respectively.

Some of these creatures are dying because mankind continues to encroach on their space. Thus, they end up migrating to new areas that are caustic to them.

Sadly, these animals don’t have the time to adapt and quickly, die.

Now that Trump has yanked America from the climate agreement, polluters have a giant green light to continue taking up more space for their nefarious needs.

The animals apparently don’t matter.

3. Children’s Health

More and more, we are seeing children cropping up with illnesses that are thought to be the direct result of climate change.

Harvard University’s Center for Health and the Global Environment details many of these on this page.

Now that Trump has yanked America from a difficult to obtain agreement, we will likely see more cases of asthma in kids, more vector borne diseases and more children dying.


4. Financially 

Mr. Trump’s suggestion that America’s economy was being harmed by the Paris Agreement simply doesn’t stand up to the facts. Our world has been trying to steadily move past a fossil based fuel system for several years now.

Unfortunately, Trump’s fateful decision to pull America from the agreement will create higher unemployment, not less.

Here’s how:

Pulling out of the Paris Agreement cut the US out of a tremendous growing renewables market. China, India, and other growing economies have pledged billions towards renewables.

As reported by Wired: “In April, Atlanta-based solar panel company Suniva filed for bankruptcy, citing an unfair advantage by Asian competitors. Adding to the drama, a Chinese wind company recently offered to teach US coal workers how to be turbine technicians”.

While not a direct cause of mass extinction, money and greed to cause some companies to behave in their own best interest. In turn, that can cause environmentally harmful behaviors. Without the climate agreement, the floodgates will now be open for many of them to do as they please.

5. The Planet

We have but just one world. That’s it. Once we burn up our atmosphere and our seas disappear, we are as good as gone.

Scientists call this a mass extinction event. And you know what? Mr. Trump’s actions today helped to accelerate that in powerful ways.

In fact, scientists think that right now – as you are reading this article – the world has been undergoing a slow death.

We can’t help but wonder how much faster the pace picked up today – thanks to a very misinformed and ignorant president.