I’m Having Sexual Dreams About My Husband’s Twin Brothers

dreams about twin brothers

Twin Dreams

I can’t believe I’m writing this but here it goes. For the past year, I’ve been having sexual dreams about my husband’s brothers. Yes, you heard me right – brothers.

They are 25 and twins.

In the dream, it’s always the same. I’m sipping on hot coco in a wood cabin. Suddenly, the twins walk through the front door. Before I know it, I’m servicing both of them on my knees and swallowing each.

Just as I’m about to get up, the cabin door swings open and my husband walks in. For some strange reason, that’s when I suddenly wake up. I’m embarrassed to say I’m also erect.  

It would be a lie if I told you I wasn’t attracted to them because I am. But I would never act on this. I always feel so guilty after one of these!

Do you know what this dream is about? Does this mean I want to hook up with my man’s brothers?

Dale – 30

Dr. John Responds:

Thanks for sharing your dream and I’ll do the best I can to offer an interpretation. There seems to be a number of themes going on that are connected.

First, let’s talk about the location of the dream.

You mentioned it was in a wood cabin. I’m curious to know if you have been to this place before? Do you and your husband own something like this? Perhaps a destination point from your childhood?

If the answer is yes, your mind may be presenting the imagery to you because it is familiar. Assuming you’ve never been to this place, it’s important to know what the cabin symbolizes.Cabin in upsate New York

Traditionally, wood cabins represent independence and adventure. Do you feel like you need more excitement in your life? Are you sometimes bored with the way things are?

Spend time reflecting on this as we continue.

That cup of coco you were drinking may also hold meaning. If you think about it, you were basically preparing liquid chocolate. On the symbolic front, chocolate in dreams almost always represents sensuality and intimacy.

Now hang on to that because I’m going to link this material to the twin brothers you mentioned.

Your description talked about providing oral gratification to both men. And if I read it right, you also swallowed them.

I’m wondering if you’ve had waking fantasies the them? It’s not that uncommon for a spouse of a man to be attracted to his twin brothers. In fact, it’s been researched quite a bit.

Just mentioning this because I don’t want you to feel strange. It may help explain the erection; which literally translated into morning wood.

But let’s move on to some of the other symbolism.



The coco and the swallowing seem connected. That’s because both involve oral activities. In my experience, dreams involving the mouth are traditionally about communication.

In the mythological sense, ingestion of semen, regardless of the orifice by which in enters the body, represents a rod of knowledge.

Upon reflection of your dreams, what new insight do you have about yourself or the brothers?

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Take it for what it’s worth but I think your recurring dream could speak to a need for greater intimacy in your life.

That your husband walked in just as you finished (which sets up the dynamic of getting caught) may also point to a desire for more excitement.

FYI: Twins in dreams can mean many different things. Most commonly, they symbolize internal conflict with a familiar issue.

When we look at everything together, do you feel you feel things are sexually boring with your man? Is there a part of you that wants to try new things with him?

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If the answer is yes, have you talked to your spouse about any of this? Should your answer be no – why is this?

While we can never say a dream means one exact thing, it’s fair to say symbolically, this one is trying to tell you something about your marriage.

I hope you write back and give us more details. Dreams about twins are extremely common.

Do you have a dream you’d like interpreted? Send it to the blog. Anonymity guaranteed!

Dr. John is a licensed psychotherapist that focuses on Men’s issues and wellness contributor to GPB. Visit his online profile to learn more about his background.