Underwater Sex with a Stranger Turned Me Into a Human Blowfish

underwater sex

Underwater sex is the best!

As we move closer to warmer weather, I am reminded of an underwater sex scene that happened to me last Spring. It was in the ocean, under bright sunny skies in the turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean.

First, let me admit this a totally bizarre topic to write about. But I’m feeling inspired. There’s just something amazing about underwater sex that gets me worked up!

Here’s what happened to me – play by play.

I was visiting family in Puerto Rico and decided to spend a little time on the beach. If you’ve ever been there, you probably know the gay area is in San Juan, along a stretch of area called Condado.

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Because I’m somewhat sensitive to sunlight, I decided to find a spot under a palm tree to chill. Plus, it’s easier to see your smartphone when you’ve got a little shade going on.

As I laid back and took in the smell of the ocean, I tapped on Grindr to see who was around. You might think it’s impossible but you can actually get a cell signal on the beach. The trick is finding the right location.

Speaking of trick…

So there I was, listening to music with my headphones and checking out the muscle boys running along the shore. Suddenly, I heard the unmistakable chime from my hookup app; someone had messaged me.

“Where are you at – you seem so close!” it read.

His photograph was impressive. Blue eyes, blond hair and a scruffy face. His personal info revealed he was visiting from Florida and was “looking for fun” while on “vacay”.

As we started chatting, I quickly learned he was 500 feet or so away, just north of me. He sent his private pics and in turn, I messaged mine.

“I’ll make my way to you,” he texted. “See you in a bit.”



Minutes later, I saw his silhouette making his way towards my direction. The closer he got, the more handsome he became.

No, he wasn’t Aquaman. And he certainly wasn’t a body builder. But he did have an athletic build with DILFish like qualities that were hard to miss.

Once we were face to face, the sexual energy was obvious. I could bore you with a bunch of flowery nonsense but suffice it to say there was chemistry – it was undeniable.

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Smalltalk is always fun during this point of a connection. You don’t want to say too much. On the flipside, you also don’t want to come off as a clam.

I learned his name was Paul and that he was in-transit; staying in Puerto Rico for a few days before heading south to Venezuela. He had no agenda for his vacation – just hoping to take in the sights and experience new things.

Based on his contagious grin, I could tell there was an adventurous side to him.

“Hey, do you want to take a swim?” he asked in a whispered voice.



Swimming has always been something I’ve enjoyed, particularly in the Caribbean. Not that I don’t like pools but the research suggests they are filled with nastiness.

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Once we got into the ocean, Paul became very playful. He laughed and splashed water at me, sometimes humming the iconic “Jaws” theme before disappearing under the water.

The first time he did it he grabbed my leg. The second time he touched my butt. And you can guess what he swiped the third time.

Don’t ask me why but the entire thing turned me on. I was sporting wood in that ocean like crazy – right through my swim trunks.

Things turned intimate.

I remember when we kissed that I didn’t give a crap people could see us. Ever experience something like that? It’s truly exhilarating and doesn’t happen very often.

“Hey, do you want to take a swim?”

And then it happened. Paul dove under the water again and pulled my shorts down. When he came back up and stood in front of me, he cupped my business in his palm and started stroking it.

Down again he went, this time making out like a blowfish directly on my d*ck. He did this for maybe 20 seconds.

Honestly, I’ve never had sex underwater. Oh, I’ve hooked up in steam rooms and saunas but this different – it was the ocean!

Worked up and curious, I decided to reciprocate. His trunks were pretty loose so it was easy to pull them off. And from what I felt, he had a decent size tree trunk.

Quickly, I came back up for some air and then submerged again.

There’s something amazing about the taste of saltwater and skin. You can probably tell why I am saying that, right?

Yes, I too became a human blowfish. It took me awhile to figure out how to do it without swallowing the water. But after a few attempts, it became easy.

Our fun didn’t culminate orally but it did end with mutual hand action. It was the first time I had ever released into the ocean.

The experience is one I’ll never forget.

It was liberating, fun and intense – all at the same time. Maybe it was Paul. Perhaps it was because we were doing it outdoors. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you.

But I do know it was one of the best sexual encounters I’ve ever had.

When we were done with our time “swimming”, we walked back up to the shoreline. I can still remember him grinning as water dripped from his face.

“That was awesome man. I hope we can meet again,” he said as we shook hands just before parting ways.

I could sit here and tell you that we began a torrid love affair or that we hooked up several more times in the days that followed.

We didn’t. But then again, it wasn’t necessary.

The moment we shared was powerful. I learned that when I go with the flow, amazing things can happen.

If the opportunity to do something like that ever presents itself again, I’m game. Perhaps after reading this you will be too?

Underwater sex – at least to me – ranks right up there with chocolate chip cookies and ice cream!

Thanks for reading 🙂

By: Rico Woods