I Dreamed a HOT Vampire Turned Me Into a Hungry Bottom!

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Dreams About Vampires and Seduction

I had this freaky ass dream that happened the other night I can’t figure out. Oh my God, it was so vivid! Here it goes – please don’t laugh, OK?

I dozed off watching a Halloween movie. In my dream, I heard a knock at the door. When I answered it, there was a super-HOT guy standing outside. He didn’t say anything but I could tell he wanted to come in.

And so I figured why not. Trust me, you would have too if you’d have seen this dude.

Anyway, once he was in my living room, he said in a deep voice, “Thanks for letting me in, Steve. Now, we’re going to have some fun. But first, I’ve got to convert you!”

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Suddenly, he walked up to my face and stared straight into my eyes. It was so hypnotic. In a flash, I saw a blur of massive fangs. Before I could react, he was sucking blood from my jugular.

I don’t remember how long it lasted – maybe a few seconds? When he was done, I just recall this feeling like I wanted to bottom.

That part is so confusing because for my entire life as a gay man, I’ve been a pitcher.

But after that bite, it was like he was Count-Topula and I was suddenly his Franken-Bottom.

The rest is kind of fuzzy.

I remember we kissed a lot and then I serviced him. Even now I can’t believe I fit that massive thing into my mouth!

At some point, I ended up bent over the couch. That’s when he topped me like a wild jackal! It’s like I had become this piggish bottom that couldn’t get enough.

When he was done seeding me, he turned into a bat and flew away.  I can’t tell you where.

Any chance you know what this dream is all about? Ever since, Ive had this unshakable desire to ride guys. It’s always on my mind.

Steve in Ohio

gay vampire

Dr. John responds

Hi, Steve,

You shared a lot in your dream and there’s tons of symbolism to work with. I’ll try my while offering some things to reflect upon in the process.

Right out of the gate, you should know that vampire dreams are almost always about seduction. But they can also represent a deep desire for transformation.

When you think about it, that’s what happens to mortals after they are bitten by this mythical creature. Because dreams can’t be taken at face value, they must be viewed through the lens of symbolism.

I’m wondering if you are currently going through any important life changes? Perhaps a recent breakup or a new job? Also, is it possible there is a small part of you that wants to bottom but too afraid to follow through?

Just food for thought. Now let’s move on to some of the other symbols in your dream.

You mentioned that you serviced him. While you didn’t go into specifics, it’s critical to bear in mind that dreams about oral usually represent communication.

Focusing for a moment on that activity, I’d like you to search your thoughts and ask yourself if you can remember anything beyond the physical connection?

What do you feel?

If the answer is a sense of inner peace, it could mean that you felt a connection to this vampire. Does he remind you of anyone in your life? If so, who?

Moving on to the couch activities, let’s take a closer look, OK?

You painted a picture whereby the vampire had you bent over. While in this position, he penetrated you repeatedly. My sense was you really got into it, based on your description.

What’s important to keep in mind is that dreams about semen usually speak to larger merging themes. In this way, they also relate to new beginnings.

The question then becomes: what information was he trying to impart? Also, what new insight did you gain about yourself?


While impossible to know, I’ve learned over the years that seduction dreams usually speak to a deeply held desire to lose control; usually by someone with an alpha type personality.

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Is it possible there’s a part of you who secretly wishes to lose control? Do you work as a manager or supervisor? I’m mentioning because, for many alpha types, there exists a hidden fantasy side that is not often seen by the world.

Lastly, you mentioned that ever since you had this dream, you now find yourself wanting to ride guys. My own thought is maybe it’s better not ask “why”? Instead, perhaps just go with the flow and let karma takes its course.

It’s possible there is an abandoned part of yourself that needs nurturing. To find out for sure, it may be helpful to meditate on this with the goal of self-insight.

Steve, I’m glad you shared this dream. Be sure to write back and let us know how you are doing!

Dr. John is a licensed psychotherapist and contributor to GPB. He specializes in men’s issues. Visit his profile to learn more.

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