8 Amazing Benefits of Being a Versatile Gay Man

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Sexual versatile means more fun

Many will say that they do not believe in roles when it comes to sex or relationships, in general. I agree. However, many will also say that having a clear role or position promotes the idea of two halves making a whole. I kind of agree there too.

No matter your opinion about having roles in sex or relationships, this is a fun post. Please, do not assume that I am trying to underestimate guys out there who enjoy sticking to just one role.

It’s your life, people, and I would never tell you what to do with it! This is an entertaining post to see the main benefits of being a vers. Objectively.

Let’s dive into them, shall we, my dears?

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1. Being a Vers Equals More Possibilities

This one is obvious. When you are versatile, you automatically increase your possibility of getting laid tonight or any night. Simple because you are targeting guys in any sexual position and preferences. And they are free to target you back!

This is the main benefit of being a versatile gay man. You can either kick the ball or wait for it to …receive it (totally pun intended).

This freedom of possibilities is not just limited to real life but also in gay hookup apps and websites that as a gay man, are definitely integral parts of your sex life. When you are swiping while looking for some hot guys, the “Position” field just doesn’t bother you. And this is great!

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2. No “Label” Defines You

There is a rising popularity of label-phobia. People today just do not like labels and that’s totally cool. To be honest, I am one of them. Furthermore, today, even more people do not like being identified by a term when it comes to their sexual preferences.

Being a vers means not being identified by any label at all.

You can do whatever you want and when people ask you about your position you don’t even have to reply with a specific term because no actual term describes you. After all, vers is just something that the gay culture invented to avoid frustration.

3. You Are Way Better at Sex

I know this one will raise a lot of conversation in the comments section but it is true. Being open to giving and receiving actually makes you better at …giving and receiving. You know how each role feels like and you are an expert at pleasing both a top and a bottom.

You don’t go too hard or too soft when it’s least needed and you know what actually pleases your partner.  Even when you choose to stick to one role for just one night, you are going to be great at it because you have done it before as well as have experienced it yourself in the past. The next night you can switch places with your partner and be equally great.

Just a little tip, though: Try to learn from each sexual experience. Seize the fact that you are versatile!

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4. You Are in Any Man’s Fantasies

Let’s admit it. We all have egos. Every single human being on this planet longs for some admiration from either the opposite or the same (in our case) sex. We want to be desirable and make people feel unable to resist us. Being a vers can prove only helpful.

Whether someone who is looking at you is a top or a bottom, he is free to picture you in bed in any role he might like. This alone will make you feel more desirable and confidence is like a god. It gets stronger when worshipped.

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5. Even Choosing P*rn is Easier

Let’s be realistic. The Internet should have a second name: P*rn-land. And we all know you are a regular visitor to this land. With such a big p*rn quantity online, finding good p*rn is not that easy. Sometimes you like the bottom, sometimes you like the top and other times, you like both of them.

But you just don’t care! You can watch almost any video that includes your desires and fetishes, and care less about the guys performing. It’s almost like you are able to see the beauty in every p*rnstar.

6. You are a Better Listener

Your love and sex life take a lot of your free time. Not just by being in love or having sex but also by thinking and talking about them. This also happens to your friends.

Your friends are dying to share all the steamy details of their latest sex experience and, to be honest, when you are versatile, you are the best guy for this job.

You get to understand what both your friend and their other half feel during sex. You know the pros and the cons that come with each position, and almost everything you are being told makes sense just because you have experienced them.

A versatile guy can even offer some really useful advice about sex and they are the only ones who know 100 percent how to please a top, a bottom, and another versatile.

Congratulations, my dear vers guys. You are both good listeners and a great gossip source!

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7. Flip Sex. FLIP SEX!

You cannot understand the joy of flip sex if you haven’t experienced it. Trust us. You can’t. The ability to be able to both give and receive is an amazing feeling of fulfillment and the feeling of offering and getting an experience so full and great cannot be easily described.

Seriously, if there is one thing that top only or bottom only guys should be jealous of, this must be flip sex. And this is not an exaggeration. Sorry.

8. You Help Other Versatiles Out There Just By Saying You Are One!

There is a common misinterpretation about vers gay guys: That they are bottoms in disguise who are ashamed of their “bottomness.” Well, I am sorry to be the bearer of “bad news” but this is so, so, so false.

Some people are able to accept it and other people just cannot, but here is the absolute truth: Vers guys are just vers guys. Period.

Being a vers guy means that you are part of this whole movement that aims to prove those people who are telling things they know nothing about wrong. Get out there. Spread the word about versatility the many delights coming with it.

After all, discrimination in a community that has made huge fights against it, is never acceptable.